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Sunday, January 9, 2011

orange dots

At least that's what they call it at CB2, or did, before they discontinued it. I ripped the picture out of a catalog years ago, one of many things in the file I keep, full of decorating ideas for my mythical place of my own. I really liked this as a place to put scarves and purses (as above). But I wouldn't have bought it now, if not for the fact that I'm no longer keeping my bath towels in the bathroom. Ever since this fuckery happened, dry ones have a square on my fantastically ginormous shelving unit (a 5x5 Expedit I caught on sale on Craigslist), and the one currently in use was hanging on a small hook on the back of the door when it wasn't actually in the bathroom with me. (Yes, I know that this is, as my non-heinous roommate said, "a little bit wackjob," but I'm ok with that.) Needless to say, more hanging space was required, so I decided to see if the bright orange hangy thing I'd loved the picture of was still around. It wasn't.

But they had it in yellow, which I also like. It was inferior, but still cute, and still good for my room (I have a happy yellow duvet cover right now), so off I went to CB2. Well, they didn't have it in the store, and were going to have to order it from the Berkeley store. But, when they tried to pull it up on the computer screen to confirm that it was the right thing, guess what popped up? The orange one! And at half the price! There might have been happy squealing! There were only two left in the warehouse, so I obviously bought them both. One for outside stuff (scarves, purses, etc), the other for inside stuff (robe, pjs, etc). And the towel gets a special hook in a separate space, all on its own. 

If only the more abstract aspects of my life could be so easily organized.

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