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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Racebending Hermione Granger

"Racebent" characters have long been making appearances on sites like Tumblr, but they’ve been picking up heat recently. One of the most popular and frequent, at least on my dash? Hermione Granger as a woman of color, most often black. 
For the first time, I was seeing Hermione’s subtext brought out into text.
alannabennet, "What A 'Racebent' Hermione Granger Really Represents" (Buzzfeed)

I'm mostly too old and not-with-it to know what the kids are doing on Tumblr, so I haven't seen this before. But I love it, hard. If I'd been an actual 14 year old when reading the Harry Potter books, I'd have cosplayed the shit out of Hermione Granger.

Lucida Grimbrow, Ravenclaw alumna. She's a teacher of wizarding ethics and bookseller.

She is not 14. Accio, beer!