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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Will have a real post soon - big news happening to kick off 2011 - but want to be sure to get this up before 1/1 is over. Would be a shame to fall behind at the very beginning.

Pictured: Me, wearing sparkly silver hat, sparkly gold eye excitement, and a ginormous leopardy blanket (not sparkly). 

I'm going to do a 365 photo thingy. I haven't decided yet whether they'll all be pictures of me or just pictures that I took that are in some way representative of where I'm at that day with a large number of them being pictures that prominently feature my face. But this one was taken in the first few minutes of 2011. It took me several tries to get a halfway decent shot of myself.


  1. Be prepared: sometimes it took me 25-30 shot to get one I liked!

  2. Yeah, but you were probably trying to take *good* pictures ;)