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Sunday, January 23, 2011

365 catchup 1/22 and 1/23

Yesterday's picture is from watching eps. 1.7-9 of BtVS w/friends K. and G.:

We're standing in front of K's lovely wall of bookshelves, of which I am very jealous.

This picture is also from yesterday:
Cleptopatra - queen, thief, attempted murderer

From today, something different: another still life with fruit. This time, it's tangerines from K's tree.

Hoping all this vitamin C will help keep away the plague last night's host mentioned at the beginning of the week, and the sniffles I feared I might be coming down with before all of yesterday's excitement -- hard to know if it's regular allergy stuff, new things caused by increased CPAP pressure (or the addition of the humidifier meant to combat the effects of the increased pressure) complications from over zealous use of nasal irrigation thingy, or an actual cold coming on, and that's before the exposure to the cat...

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  1. I actually do much better without the humidifier. I just use copious amounts of Ayr nasal gel before I go to bed.