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Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/26 - The Science of Cocktails

Went to the Exploratorium for their Science of Cocktails event, which my friend L. invited me to (he's friends with the organizers, so had tickets - nice!). Lots of fun to be had - open bar, or actually bars, as there were several tables with lots of different things being mixed. Rosemary seems to be the thing to put in drinks, as there was lots of that happening, as well as ginger (and ginger beer). This is a picture of me with one of the exhibits on the acoustic floor, which I think was my favorite part. This is one of the many exhibits that allows you to hear a friend across a greater distance than usual, this time via the ginormous balloon visible behind me, which is full of carbon dioxide. According to the sign (which is not lit well for photography, both the material and the contents of the balloon allow it to bend the sound, enabling you to hear the person on the other side when they speak at a normal volume.

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