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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Buffy 1.7 Angel, 1.8; I, Robot...You, Jane; 1:9 The Puppet Show

"OK, ok, look - I really don't want to fight all 3 of you. Unless I have to."
Angel to the rescue, very carefully fighting without getting his game face on. And a vamp somehow getting an arm in the door without in invite?

Now, I know she's not up to total slayer speed yet, but really? She's not getting any vampire vibe from Angel? And no "something is not quite right about you" None at all? That always bugged me.

"I am weary, and their deaths will bring me little joy. Of course, sometimes a little is enough."
--The Master

I never liked Darla, even when we were supposed to feel sympathy for her in later plots.

I love the vampire family lessons. Family matters, as we saw in The Pack.

"No speaking up - that way leads to madness and sweaty palms."

I had forgotten how completely stupid Angel is and how easily he allows himself to be setup. Really?

Joss' vampires do love monolouging, don't they?

"See ya' around?"
Buffy to Angel

And, as I said, first time around, this relationship is *such* a bad idea. Deuling death wishes, age difference, serious conflict of interest, and then there's the unfortunate instability of Angel's soul.
Not that I didn't enjoy the hell out of every angst-filled moment of it, but it just shouldn't happen.

I, Robot...You, Jane
"You are a thing of evil for not telling me this right away!"
Uh oh - he's not hacking into the mainframe, is he?! And what's with the two different birthdays (10-24-80, and 5-something-79) in her file? Neither of which is the January whatever that people just celebrated. Interesting.

Jenny: You here again? You kids really dig the library.
Buffy: We're literary!
Xander: To read makes our speak English good.

Giles: There's a demon in the internet
Jenny: I know.

Buffy: "Let's face it - none of us are ever going to have a happy, normal relationship."
Xander: "We're doomed!"
--Awkward silence, fade to black.
Buffy and Xander, "cheering Willow up" after she says that the only boy that's liked her was a demon robot, by reminding her that their track record includes a vampire and a giant preying mantis.

So, this episode introduces "techno pagan" Jenny Calendar." I'd forgotten that she did, in fact reveal her pagan knowledge right away, remembering only that there are Very Important Things that she does not reveal.

The Puppet Show
Anthony Stewart Head's face is amazing when Charisma Carpenter is butchering The Greatest Love of all. And when Buffy and The Scoobies are getting drafted for the talent show.

Here's a question: why would anyone *ever* stay late at this school for *anything*?

Principal Schneider: Principal Flutie would have said "Kids need understanding. Kids are human beings. That's the kind of wooly-headed liberal thinking that leads to being eaten."
--One of my favorite lines ever, which i had forgotten until I heard it again

Principal Schneider: There are things I will not tolerate. Students loitering on campus after hours. Horrible murders with hearts being removed. And also, smoking.

Who ever thought ventriloquist dummies were an ok idea? They are creepy incarnate, even when they don't suddenly appear at your window. So not ok. And the pitter patter of little feet just makes it worse.

What a strange, unslayer-like reflex, to send your mom after the thing in the bed. Inconsistent writing much?

Giles : I'm sorry-- your hair...
Cordelia: There's something wrong with my hair?! (Running off)
Giles: Xander was right. It's worked like a charm.

Why does no one listen to the slayer when she says "I'm pretty sure I got attacked by the dummy." She's the slayer, kids. When she told you Xander was acting like an animal, he was an animal. When she told you the teacher was a monster, the teacher was a monster. If she tells you she's pretty sure the dummy is alive, you should at least consider the possibility that the dummy is alive.

I love how they automatically think he'll want a young brain. Smartest YOUNG brain around is Willow.

And there's the revelation. SAVE GILES' BRAIN!

"I don't get it. What is it. Avante garde."

"Oh, Oedipus, Oedipus, unhappy Oedipus. That is all that I can call you and all that I shall ever call you."

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  1. I love the tag at the end of the puppet episode where they're all in togas... so so cruel...