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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another slow cooker extravaganza

I'm particularly proud of this one, as I basically just made it up (I'm trying to be less nervous in the kitchen). Covered the bottom with celery (mostly to prevent sticking), poured in two cups of white wine. Washed whole chicken, rubbed with olive oil, then absolutely covered with salt, black pepper, tarragon, and parsley. Cut whole red onion into large chunks and stuffed it into the chicken. Next time, I'll put this into slow cooker with baby carrots and mushrooms, cut into big pieces; this time, I roasted the carrots separately and cooked the mushrooms in some of the juices from the finished chicken, which tuned out very well (I was worried the mushrooms would cook too much and just forgot I had the carrots). The chicken is delicious! I'm going to see if I can figure out something to do with the celery and juices. Maybe helpful for stock or soup or something with the carcass? Seems like too much tastiness to just throw out...

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