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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bringin' the beatdown

Over at Pajiba: Which TV Character Would You Punch in the Face?

This is fantastic. Buffy should stake Edward first, then head to Bon Temps and clean up shop. First Bill, then Sookie. Ok, ok -- I wouldn't want her to *kill* Sookie, but I'd hold her scythe while she beat Stackhouse's ass.

Oh, and there's a Buffy-related comment that actually made me snort hot tea through my nose. Ouch, but worth it.

My suggestion?

A Tahmoh Penikett round, in which Helo beats the everloving shit out of Paul Ballard.

My ComicCon Presentation

Some of you asked to see the presentation I made at the Comic Arts Conference at ComicCon. Click through to see the slides, notes attached.

Life has been very busy. Was in New Orleans, then Lafayette, then Atlanta, then San Diego - back in my own hood now, but trying to knock out a piece of writing by August 1st. Also putting a move in motion, because I didn't already have enough to think about.

Will post real things after the writing is submitted; until then, here's something completely random. Seen at the Daiso in Japantown:

"Tidy frog"
"Changes sink to cute"

Thursday, July 14, 2011


In my absence, one of my houseplants seems to have started sprouting a while new kind of thing. Usually, it looks like this:

But now it also looks like this:

I was honestly a bit disturbed when I first saw it.