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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A-Team + Airwolf = Why Candace likes to watch things go boom.

This post was sparked by someone's reply to the last line of my review of The Losers. I said that The Losers made me wish for The A-Team. A. replies: "Unless the A-team fires guns and hit things, I'm going with the Losers - lots of fun."



I'm guessing A. is younger than  me, and therefore does not know what The A-Team is. I pity the fool...(Sorry - I had to.)

The Losers might be an excellent comic (I haven't read it, so don't know).  I certainly found it to be an entertaining movie - lts of fun, as A. wrote. But it was, in my head, an A-Team imitation. An amusing imitation, but an imitation nonetheless. As I was figuring out why (past the whole "team of soldiers betrayed by the gov't and now on a kick-ass rampage" thing), this helpful equation came to me:

"The A-Team" + "Airwolf" + "Knight Rider" = Why Candace likes to watch things go fast, go flying, and - most of all - go boom.

My dad would be excited to see me embracing the mathematical explanation.

Here are some visuals for those unfamiliar with The A-Team.
The intro to the old show involves lots of silly disguises, but also lots of jeeps crashing and blowing up. Also? Awesome theme song.

old school A-Team intro

I am highly amused to see that there's an old-school Cylon in the A-Team intro  :)
(Dirk Benedict, aka Templeton "Face" Peck from The A-Team, was Starbuck in the original BSG).

The trailer for the new movie involves Bradley Cooper (Playing Face in the movie version) firing very large guns while parachuting. Did I mention that the guns are attached to a tank? Yes. He's parachuting in a tank.

New A-Team teaser trailer

New A-Team long trailer

Also? Awesome theme song!

And, just for fun, here's the Airwolf intro, featuring an awesome helicopter (and another awesome theme song).


  1. It's good to know that no matter what country you're raised in, blind devotion to all things dramtion (that's my lame combination of drama and action there)is highly encouraged.

    As a wee whipper snapper I loved nothing more than imagining that the A Team were going to come and kick some Highland ass on a Saturday afternoon, or that the infernal low flying aircrafts on the Isle of Skye were in actual fact Stringfellow Hawke coming to save me from my math homework on a Wednesday night. I'm glad to see that you identified how amazing the theme tunes were for these shows!

    As for the remakes... I don't care if they place Liam Neeson and Nathan Fillion (and any other sexy people that I can't recall right now)on the screen for two hours doing nothing but posing nude... I refuse to go watch them. These remakes take the word 'bastardization to a new level.

    Thanks for the blog post, it's inspired me to go look out my old Howling mad Murdock leather jacket with the tiger on it :D

  2. OK, I obviously need a picture of you in that jacket. Howlin' Mad Ness?

  3. Um, how did I NOT know that there was an Ateam movie coming out!?! Yup, bastardization and rip offs be damned, I am THERE! :o) Erika

  4. Yeah, I'm going to have to be part of the problem on this one, because I can't wait to see it :)