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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here's what I've been doing with my research leave today.

Reading about Quebec's Bill 94 (banning niqabs) on Racialicious

Reading responses to that asshole in Virginia:
Adam Serwer @ Tapped.
Jamelle @ United States of Jamerica.
Serwer again.
Jamelle again.
And, with an eloquently worded summation, Ta-Nehisi Coates.
*ETA - Well, what do you know? I'd prefer the proclamation be rescinded - we don't need a Confederate History month any more than we need a KKK History Month - but I'll take an apology and an admission that slavery - not a neutral and abstract idea of "states' rights" - is what led to the Civil War.

Checking out this brief and intriguing piece on race in the workplace at Racialicious.

Reading my friend M's excellent blog. Today, he's talking about Erik Ahn on playwriting and activism.

Wishing I could have a pair of Louboutin's, specifically the Melita 2 (the black and white striped ones, in the high heels gallery).

Knowing that I have to spend that money on many other things. Like car inspection, repair, and registration. (Boo.)

Trying to talk my friend A into a guest post here. (YAY!)

Putting off filling out more forebearance paperwork. (Boo.)

Buying a  ticket to Portland, to have fun times with T. (YAY!)

Spending a lot of money on my car. (Booyay? I mean, it sucks, but also, it's fixed...)

And, finally, contemplating what to read. As part of that, I'm soliciting suggestions, which you can leave in the comments. Give me 3 books you love. If 3 is too hard (as I suspect it will be for some of you), give me 3 in up to 3 categories of your choice  :)


  1. New Weird Science Fiction: China Mieville's Perdido Street Station and The Scar (better book, but it's better to read PSS first); Samuel Delany's Dhalgren.

    New Yorker-style Fiction: Michael Ondaatje's Coming through Slaughter (about turn of the century New Orleans and jazz, his first novel, I believe); Colum McCann's Dancer (about NYC and ballet, but mostly NYC); John Crowley's Little, Big (okay, this is mostly "literary" fantasy, but i didn't want to start another category)

  2. Thanks, Adrian! PSS has been on my to-read shortlist for a while. I'm not familiar with the rest, but they sound great (and Little, Big sounds right up my alley).