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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

comedy and some pictures

Warning: watching 3 episodes of The Daily Show back-to-back may cause fits of laughing out loud. Especially if one of the episodes includes the madness that starts at 10:08 in this video (in response to Revolution Muslim's death threats against Trey Parker and Matt Stone).

In other faux-news, I spent some time perusing The Onion's recent horoscopes this morning afternoon. A few faves:

Gemini The stakes will be raised this Thursday, moments before they are repeatedly plunged into your chest by frightened townspeople.

Gemini Lately it seems all your imaginary friends just want to sit around all day and watch television.

Sagittarius You'll finally get into shape this week, though which one exactly, isn't clear yet.

Capricorn The stars were going to predict the beginning of a lifelong romance for you this week, but they couldn't get through it without bursting into laughter.

Pisces Forty thousand years after you were cryogenically frozen, scientists will at last bring you back to life when they discover a cure for goddamn stupidity.

And, my absolute favorite:
Aries The stars, in their infinite wisdom, recommend that you check yourself this week, as not doing so might lead you to wreck yourself in the future.

A little closer to home, three random pictures I've taken recently. I think each, in its own way, is indicative of life in San Francisco.

 I like this tree. What? I do nature. Sometimes. 
 (Photo taken on my daily walk, somewhere in St. Francis Wood.)

I saw this car on the way to an open studios event. I wonder if it belonged to one of the artists, or just another colorful San Franciscan.
 (Photo taken in Potrero Hill)

(Photo taken on the K/T)

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