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Saturday, April 17, 2010

BSG, season 1: eps 12 &13 (finale), season 2, eps: 1&2

Kobol's Last Gleaming, parts 1&2; Scattered; Valley of Death

Kobol's Last Gleaming, part 1
 Adamas boxing. I feel like this is maybe ill-advised.

Um, and now there's a whole lot of naked happening.

And Helo is still trying to outrun the mindfuck.

BoomToast1 (I think) has a gun, PopAdama just got tired of Jr. hitting him, and BoomToast2 has found her man. She looks sad, which is maybe not compelling. BoomToast1 seems to be about to kill herself.

HAH! And it's Thrace and Baltar in bed, but she just called him Lee - aaaaawkwaaaaard.

And Lee just got his ass handed to him (sweet).

And Helo shoots BoomToast2!

And, yeah, things are super awkward for Baltar and Starbuck now.

PopAdama is lecturing Jr. on losing control (gotta do it to win). And Baltar turns to the Cylon in his head for comfort.

Helo, you know you're not going to kill her, dude. I don't know why you even shot her.

Baltar is losing his shit. For reals. I mean, more than usual. He just tried to break up with the Cylon in his head. Which didn't go well. What do you mean it's not safe to remain on Galactica? I mean, it's not like there's a Cylon on board or anything.

And I'm pretty sure that's earth. I mean Kobol?

Helo is not dealing well with this. BoomToast2 is trying to give him info (and also get some shelter), but he's a little...uninterested. In the sense of shooting at her head and yelling.

Adama Jr. is so not jealous that he's actually pressing Starbuck for info on Baltar. Like old times and that major from - FACE PUNCH! Sweet.

Roslin is having visions while they look at the EarthKobol map. You know, I'm so glad she's got a magical negro to translate these things for her.

HeadSix says the Sharon model is weak, always has been. Sharon wants to be stopped - she's afraid she's going to hurt someone. Baltar tells her to embrace what opens up for her - life can be a curse, as well as a blessing there are far worse things than death in the world. He also tells her to listen to her heart. Search her feelings and all that . As they leave, there's a gunshot - which I am totally not falling for.

Baltar is volunteering for the search party, having been reminded by HeadSix that he "doesn't want to be there when it happens."

She did shoot herself, but sort of shot herself in the cheek instead. Sharon tells Chief that she wonders who she is and worries she'll hurt someone. She also tells him to fuck off (not in those words). He's not going to be smart enough to tell anyone, is he?

Roslin and Adama are having a chat about how there's no Earth (see earlier eps). Adama says, "They're legends - don't let them blind you to the reality that we're fucked." Roslin says, "It's real. And we're going to use the CyShip to get to Caprica to get the Arrow of Apollo, which will lead us to Earth."

And the ships have just jumped into a whole lotta trouble. Ginormous Cylon ship(?) waiting for them at Kobol.

Turns out there's a special Cylon signal.

Baltar is freaking the Hell out (with good reason). They're crashing, with no windshield.

Thrace has an idea, which she, of course, has not run through proper channels. There's more tension when Apollo yells her down about it. She's really sorry (gee, I wonder for what).

Roslin's advisor tells her she's lost her damned mind.

Roslin and Thrace have a heart to heart about the gods and breast cancer and such. Roslin tells Starbuck Adama was lying (for good reasons). Ugh, it's hard to find out dad's not perfect, huh? Now, rather than just confronting him, she asks "Are we there yet? Close?"

Back in the CyShip. Test run, which, I presume is when she goes AWOL? Except that she's going to tell them first. PopAdama says, "No regrets, kid - be sure you can say the same."

So...does Starbuck figure out that there's an extra Sharon.

Kobol's Last Gleaming, part 2
Previously: Robots, prophecies, betrayal, religion

On Kobol - lots of yelling as the people try to get out of the ship crash. And Baltar has to wait for the vision of 6 to coax him out. *eye roll* Also, rolling my eyes at the faux-opera and the Jesus pose.

Hm. So, Sharon led him to the museum where the arrow of Apollo is. Also, she finally tells Helo to shut the Hell up.

Roslin and PopAdama at odds for real. But Roslin gets a well-played for inviting the press - SNAP!

Adama and Roslin each feel like the other is bluffing.

PopAdama is, of course, handing the nuking of the Cylon basestar to BoomToast1, who is confident that she can do it.

Starbuck gets back to Caprica's a frakkin mess. BoomToast2 is all bloody and bouncing her leg and Helo is like, "Stop fidgeting, Cylon, GOD!" They're arguing about her feelings again, and Helo is being super harsh. She's all ""we were the next step...closer to god" and "I have feelings for you" and Helo is like, "I loved who I thought you were." Sharon says, "PS -I'm pregnant."

I was SO RIGHT! I knew she was knocked up.

So, PopAdama sends a crew to get on Colonial 1

Starbuck lands a big ol CyShip next to the museum (which means the transponder works). She's totally going to mess up BoomToast 2's plan.

BoomToast1 sweats it past the Cylons @ Kobol.

And it looks like Chief is going to have to take over the tactical stuff on Kobol, because whatshisface is not on top of things.

BoomToast1's mission is hitting a snag. No weapon release. So, of course, they have to dock and drop manually.

HeadSix tells Baltar that he needs to return the saving - that's his purpose. And we get a shot of...Stonehenge and some mountains?

Colonial 1 is having a prayer circle about the strike team. Adama says, "Ok." And, I'm pretty sure those bodyguards are the press. this is not good.

And the arrow of Apollo is really a hand with an arrow in it? OH NO! SIX ALERT! And now they're shooting up the museum.

BoomToast1 and some poor redshirt are landing in the Cylon base. BoomToast1 is off to release the bomb, leaving instructions to head out if she's not back in 5 minutes.

Six is taunting Starbuck, which is a bad idea. Also, though, she's beating her ass.

Strike team on Colonial 1. But led by Adama Jr. and Tigh. They're going to side with the pres, huh?

BoomToast is surrounded by BoomToasts!

Starbuck slams Six, Helo is really confused, and BoomToast2 is about to get busted, big time.

Yeah, I knew it - Adama Jr. just pulled a gun on Tigh. Mutiny! PS, tell Pops I'm listening to my insincts. Roslin says put the gun donwn, which, of course, means the Apollo gets cuffed.

And BoomToast1 is having a really bad day. But the other Sharons tell her she can't fight destiny. They love her, and they always will.

BaseStar goes BOOM!

PopAdama is *not* happy with Jr., but the base star went boom, so...

Starbuck and Helo are happy to see each other. Six is impaled. Starbuck wants to kill BoomToast, but Helo won't let her because there's a bay-beh. Wall slide; cry.

Baltar gets led to Stonehenge, has a vision of the opera house. "Life has a melody - a rythm of notes. Time to do your part; realize your destiny...Guardian of the next generation of god's children."

So, Baltar has to protect the baby.

Adama really does arrest the Pres. But Lee has to get some humiliation first. And BoomToast1 is confused.

I TOLD YOU!!! BoomToast1 just shot PopAdama at post blank range. Poor thing is so screwed.

Previously on BSG - OH MY GOD!!!

And now we get some flashback - young Tigh and Adama.

Lots of screaming. Adama Jr. is howling, Sharon is *really* confused. They're jumping to emergency coordinates, leaving the doc on another ship and the crashees on Kobol.

And they seem to have accidentally (?) jumped to different places? Damn, Tigh! A. says, "5 minutes, and he's lost the fleet."

Vision Six is TOTALLY trying to steal BoomToast's baby! In the vision, I mean.

Back on Kobol, the crashees would love to know what the hell is going on.

And I'm already sick of Tigh's wife. For real.

Apollo gets with the self-doubt (understandable, all things considered).

On Kobol, crashdown didn't take time to check the supplies (Chief told him to), so they're gonna regret that in 5...4...3...

Baltar is hallucinating cribs.

Oh, yeah - right now, because we're out of sarazone (sp?).

Starbuck is understandably upset about listening to the Cylon. "My GOD! Men are so painfully stupid sometimes!" Yes, true. But I think he's actually right this time. Helo says he knows in his gut that she's not lying. PS? BoomToast2 just took the ship.

Tigh is still having Very Important Flashbacks, and authorizes the medic (who is not doctor) to operate on PopAdama.

Oh, time for debriefing the Cylon. Poor thing. She wants to know how the commander is. Tigh wants to know how many pilots are Cylons. Sharon tells him to get it over with. He wants to, but flashback door #3 won't let him.

Back on Kobol, they party sent back for the med kit gets shredded. Good job, Crashdown. So now it's just Callie and Chief.

And Gaita is feeling guilty because he forgot to transmit the backup coordinates. But he has a brainstorm! But it involves a network. And more flashbacks. Young Adama had to get back into the fleet. How'd he get kicked out of the fleet?

Firefight! And also a virus/hacking/computation fight.

Battlestar under fire. Roslin and her guard are praying (he thinks she's a prophet). The medic is operating on PopAdama. Cylons are hacking fast and something just crashed into Battlestar!

But they found the fleet and they're getting the doctor. Medic seems to have things under control, though.

So, FlashbackDrunkTigh was about to kill himself? Or just burn stuff? And PopAdama got him reinstated. Which is going to suck when he turns out to be a Cylon. No, seriously - some old guy has got to be a Cylon.

And there's a whole bunch of old school Cylons on the ship now!

Not good.

Valley of Darkness
Previously on BSG: a coup, BoomToast2 takes the ship, CrashDown fucks things up, PopAdama doesnt die yet, Cylons hack the network and get onto the ship.

The lovebirds have an awkward moment. Mutiny means no time for love.

And the lights are out. Which can't be good. Main power and auxilliary units out. PS - Cylons.

This guy has *got* to get killed. YES!

And, Cylons have Wolverine claws?

Starbuck and Helo are having a moment. Its not a comfortable one, but it's important. Helo says out loud that he fell in love with a machine and is an idiot. Starbuck says, "Yeah - we all are."

And Tigh says the Cylons want to airlock them all and turn Galactica's guns on the fleet.

Baltar is hallucinating like a motherfucker. VisionPopAdama drowns the baby.

Six says there was human sacrifice on Kobol and people are savages and DON'T LET HIM KILL OUR BABY, GAIUS!

Starbuck takes them back to her apt. to listen to her favorite piano song? Ah, backup jacket. Dad's? And cigars. And a talk about how she didn't miss her old life after the attack. It's all a little too emo for me, to be honest. I'm pretty fuckin' emo.

Roslin stops to be traumatized by the loss of life. This is not the time. And Dee seems to be the only one alive (but she's Blue Screen of Death-ing).

Callie tells Chief to pull his shit together (sort of). It works.

So they're back at camp, dude gets his thorazine or whatever, but isn't going to make it. They're going to euthanize him. By which I mean Chief is going to have to do it. He tells him a nice story about a rescue party while "something for the pain." "I'm going home?" Yeah, in a manner of speaking.

And Apollo just happens to be between the Cylons and their aft target. Dee has a concussion, we think. And, of course, now the Pres and Dee et al are all heading towards aft damage control. PARTY AT AFT DAMAGE CONTROL!

Somebody we like is obviously going down to friendly fire. By Jammer. Right?

Billy shoots a Cylon, which gets their attention. Firefight, which seems to have gone ok.

Back on Caprica, Helo and Starbuck leave the emo room and tack Starbucks big-ass truck to go...find a way off Caprica?

Billy and Dee have another moment. This one's nicer. There's kissing involved. It's sweet, which means one of them has to die. But not until after the nookie.

 Apollo and Tigh have a little head butting. Apolloa gives PopAdama a kiss (it's ok to show emotion because he's unconscious).


And what was up w/Starbuck and Helo? Old buddies? Or old "buddies"?

PS - Where'd the Cylon go with the ship (and the baby)?

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