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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Conversations with myself

Tina Fey dispels the myth of the Oscar curse

Self: HAH! That made me happy.

Also self: But, why do I feel like the skanks who sleep with people's husbands take a lot more heat than the husbands do when these things go public?

Also also self: You know, maybe SNL has been calling out Jesse James for weeks and I just haven't seen it because it didn't invovle Tina Fey, so it didn't get posted somewhere I'd run across it (like the Pajiba post where I saw this).

Self: You know what? Probably not. They've probably been making fun of Skanky McNazi for weeks.

Also also self: Yeah, but, to be honest, I'm kind of OK with that.

All selves nod - figuratively - in agreement.

Also self: But, only mostly ok. 'Cause, while I'm all for mocking white supremacist skanks...

Self: ...and I *did* laugh pretty hard at that last line about curing cancer and still being up against the chick with old school Buick nipples...

Also self:'s not just, or even primarily, them that the woman who cures cancer will be up against. What she'll be up against is the fact that she and her husband both grew up in a world where guys cheat on their wives and the chicks they cheat with catch a lot more venom than they do.

Also also self: Yeah. Something is wrong there. But I haven't eaten yet, so I think I should post the video and let it go.

Self: I want french toast.

Also also self: Yeah, french toast is yummy.

Also self: But I don't have all the ingredients for that. Like bread - I don't have any bread.

Self: Damn.

Also also self: And I shouldn't go out to brunch, because of that whole budget thing.

Self: Double damn!

Also self: Well, let's post the video, and then we can go look in the fridge and wait for something else to sound yummy.

Selves agree, post video, and head to the kitchen.

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