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Sunday, May 2, 2010

BSG eps. 7 & 8

Residual migraine ouch meant no full blog of the last two eps of BSG, but here are some highlights.
Home, part 2; Final Cut
Home, part 2
PopAdama reunites with the others and he and jr *finally* hug it out! I might rewatch that scene, just because it is so sweet. Well, until Chief sees BoomToast2 and everyone start pulling guns...

And, in another scene full of guns, Sharon makes a bold statement, having turned out (not surprisingly) to be not at all dumb. That statement includes killing Zarek's right hand man before turning her gun over to PopAdama, who did, as I'd hoped/predicted, try to choke her on sight.

Helo, however, continues to be dim. To be honest, it's not the dim that gets me. It's the complete comfort with her Cylonness and the expectation that others share it. They could have led me there, but didn't - the story pretty much jumps from him being NOT OK with it (and shooting her as a result) to him being just peachy and in love and "Why are they being so mean to you?" Dude, the answer is, and always will be (say it with me): BECAUSE SHE'S A CYLON!

Which also makes it a teensy bit weird when she tells Chief how good it is to see him and gives him a hug. Chief's face...Helo's face...awkward.

The Pres gets reinstated with an endorsement, after their ragtag bunch manages to find the tomb and the map (or at least a direction). Turns out the Colonies' names=our zodiac because their ancient names are, in fact, our zodiac. Earth is where you can look up at the sky and see the constellations named for the other 12 colonies. Nice.

And Head6 tells Baltar that she's an angel, sent by God. "To what end?" he asks. "The end of the human race." Of course.

Final Cut
BoomToaast2 has some baby issues, but we're told that she and The Abomination are fine.

Xena, who is a Cylon, does a heartwarming piece on the fleet while gathering evidence that the aforementioned Cylon and her aforementioned spawn are alive. Either Caprica6 or CapricaSpaceyCylon emphasizes that The Abomination must be protected at all costs.

Tigh's wife does not seem to be the source of the trouble for a change. But I still hate her.

And here's the Cylon tally so far:
confirmed (7/12):

  • Six
  • Leoban
  • BoomToast (Sharon "Boomer" Valeri)
  • SpaceyCylon
  • BlackGuyCylon (Simon)
  • Deanna Whatsit (aka Xena)
  • That one I'm not supposed to know about yet. [Though I totally would have called it without being spoiled. Maybe.]

under suspicion (from me)
  • Starbuck, because the ship likes her too much, and because if would be EFFED UP.
  • Either Billy or Dee, because they are adorable together, which means that either one of them is a Cylon or one of them will die. Or both.
  • Gaita, largely because there's just something hinky about him. He's too much...I don't know, just too much in the thick of everything, and in too good with everybody.
  • SkankyTigh, though I don't really think she'll turn out to be a Cylon, just because it would be so easy if she were. But I do hate her, and am still hoping she'll get killed.

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