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Sunday, April 25, 2010

BSG Season 2: eps 3-6

Fragged, Resistance, The Farm, and Home (part 1)

Episode 3 - Fragged
Previously on BSG - Adama is shot up, Roslin is locked up, and Crashdown sucks.

Now - Baltar is getting uppity, and Six says there's only oblivion for those who died on Kobol. Hm.

And the Cylons are building a missile battery? It still sucks to be y'all.

Doc finally makes it to Galactica, and throws around a lot of doctorspeak. Tigh is worried about his buddy. Which, from the sound of it, he should be. And, more with the booze.

Billy wants the doctor for the president, who, according to Tigh, is not the president anymore. Tigh also basically drunk on duty. Apollo is amusingly snarky in the background.

And, Roslin is losing her shit. She's in withdrawal from her alternative treatment, hallucinogenic cancer meds - I mean, who knew that would be problematic?

Six tells Baltar that their child will bring humanity salvation as long as Baltar accepts his place as her father and guardian. By which I think she means Helo's baby. But maybe there will be more knocking up of Cylons soon. Baltar is "not ready for that." Six tells him to be a man. And I'm seeing the "I'll Make a Man Out of You" montage from Mulan. Probably not what she's going for.

Chief figures out that the Cylons on Kobol are building an anti-aircraft weapon, which is going to suck for Apollo's search and rescue mission.

The quorum wants to see the president, who is singing to herself (crazily) in prison. Tigh's wife is checking on her, which can't be good. She needs to get killed soon. So now SkankyTigh knows that The Pres is, well, not herself.

And Baltar continues to pick self-preservation over honesty, in ways that don't really seem to be good for his self-preservation. Idiot.

Crashdown wants them to attack the Cylons, which is a really bad idea. And now he's pulling rank on Chief, who is the best soldier there right now. Bad idea. And, of course, Chief has to talk Baltar down from questioning Crashdown's plan (even though Baltar is right).

And Billy continues to rock - he might be able to get The Pres her meds. Because, of course, the black guard (who we've already seen is religious and willing to believe in The Pres' role in the prophecies) is from Geminon, where everyone is a literalist.

SkankyTigh tells Tigh that The Pres has gone nuts, so he should let the Quorum see her. She's  obviously trying to push him into power, which he is neither smart, nor ambitious, nor sober enough for.

According to Six: "God turned his back on Kobol...on man...and the false gods they worshipped."

Yay, fundamentalist guard got The Pres her drugs, it looks like, so maybe she'll be straight by the time the press sees her!

And the rescue mission is flying in, just as Crashdown is about to get everybody killed by insisting on attacking Cylons rather than taking out the dish. And now he's pulling a weapon on his own person? (Callie, who is freaking out - not that I blame her, since she was on decoy duty). Good job, Crashdown. Can we shoot him now? Oh, I guess we can - Chief is - nope, it was Baltar. Nice.

So Baltar and Chief just wrecked shop. Chief is shot, but they can't kill him - it'll be far more painful for him to get back to Galactica and find out Boomer's a taoster. Yeah, rescued just in time.

Tigh is talking trash, which'll be great when The Pres turns out to be mostly ok.

Um, is Geminon the black planet? Where everyone knowns the scrolls and "believes in the literal truth" of them? Because that is some *serious* magical negro-hood.

Balatar covers for Crashdown (which is also covering for himself). Six tells him he's a man now, and that taking a life is what makes him human. "Murder is my heritage?" Baltar asks? Six tells him she'll be his conscience...that can't be good.

Shockingly enough, PopAdama will not die yet. Tigh admits to him (while he's asleep) that he "really frakked things up."

Oh, snap - Tigh just declared martial law! So, there's a drunk running a police state? Awesome!

Episode 4 - Resistance
Previously on BSG - Boomer is totally a Cylon, Helo is traumatized, Baltar covers for Crashdown, Apollo promises to stay in the brig while not working, and The Pres admits that she's dying and that she thinks she's "The Leader." Oh, and Tigh declares marshall law.

Now, Chief is being interrogated. Tigh accuses him of being a Cylon, and then puts him in the cell with Sharon. That, of course, does not go well.

And who are these soldiers? There's a another black person, but she's wearing a red headband. And they know about "human Cylons." Oh, but they think Helo and Starbuck are Cylons. So they're on Caprica.

Six just said she doesn't like "Toaster" because it's racist. It amuses me a lot. Callie foolishly tries to blackmail Baltar (for shooting Crashdown) so that he'll help Chief.

Six, again, tells Baltar to grow a pair.

And now the civilians are protesting the whole martial law thing. Who would have called that?

Dee gives Apollo the deets, tells him she wishes he were in command.

Skanky Tigh plays the role of the snake.

Meanwhile, on Caprica, the humans continue to mutually mistake each other for Cylons. After some statistic-swapping, were all friend. And the other humans are a sports team?

Tigh is escalating the situation. Now more people are protesting, and he's sending Marines over to get the supplies. The marines (and pilots, etc) kill some civilians. The Pres quite rightly declares this a disaster. So now The Pres and Lee are planning an escape.

And now Tigh and Tigh are having drunk abusive sex. Awesome.

Sharon continues to try to talk to Chief, which goes about as well as you'd expect. She chooses to focus on the "I loved you," rather than the "I didn't know I was a Cylon." Baltar comes in to test The Chief for Cylonity, but knocks him out instead. OH, SNAP! Baltar drugs chief to make Sharon tell him how many Cylons are left in the fleet! He tells her that he knew and hid it - and she pulls out the number 8.

And the escape plan is in motion. It would be more impressive if Tigh weren't so worthless. Boo - I think Gaita is on the side of the wrong.

Adama Jr. goes to apologize to PopAdama for what he's about to do. PopAdama moves just after he leaves, of course.

Callie is traumatized re: Chief, and the escape is on! It's got to hit a snag. Yes, in the form of an eager private. The Pres pulls the "we need to defend our democratic way of life" speech. And then she walks up to a big gun and pushes it out of the way, because she rocks.

Billy refuses to get on the ship, saying that it'll divide the fleet, causing insurgency and maybe civil war, which is a line he can't cross. Wow. I mean, he's right,

And The Pres' magical negro priestess is onboard. Good she'll be in good magical hands.

Tigh lets them go. Probably only because he knows the old man would never forgive him. Oh, and Gaita covers for Dee, which is nice.

Zarek is now going to have to help Roslin and Apollo stay hidden (because he's got enough shady friends).

Starbuck flirt/challenges the sports guy, they play/wrestle/are obviously going to hook up.

Baltar tells Chief to be happy he experienced love at all, even if it was with a machine. And BoomToast1 is off to be treated like a lab rat.

PopAdama is awake and he wants to know what's happening on his ship. Tigh is smart enough to say, "I frakked things up." PopAdama is pretty sympathetic so far, but he probably hasn't heard about the whole martial law thing.

Callie shoots Sharon! Which is unfortunate, because they needed to test her. Now Chief is all, "don't die!" But, she does, with a final "I love you."

Wow. BoomToast2's pregnant by Helo arrival is going to be AWESOME!

Episode 5 - The Farm
Previously, The Pres takes on the mantle of savior, Tigh justifies Adama's coup, Helo and Starbuck find humans, Starbuck plays rough with her new boyfriend, Lee and Roslin throw in w/Zarek, and Callie puts a bullet in Boomer's gut. Also, Adama and Tigh reunite.

New guy tries to get Starbuck to advise them. Starbuck tells them to climb higher and hole up. New guy wants to get back to the nookie, but Starbuck is all business. He plays hurt and she falls for it, which is kind of cute.

Oh, two black people! One of them will die now that there's a surprise attack, right? And Starbuck gets shot. Damn.

I wonder if they're updating the tally of survivors in the opening credits. 47,858.

PopAdama gets a standing O, gives the crew more emotion that Lee's probably gotten in years. And starts the manhunt, which is not at all personal.

Lee refuses to publicly condemn his dad, so Roslin says she's "playing the religious card."

I'm pretty sure Starbuck has been captured. This guy (Simon, the attractive black man) says Anders is dead, which I don't believe. He claims they're in an old mental hospital that the Cylons haven't found yet, but we're suspicious of him and his pain meds.

Callie is in the brig and Chief is trying to speak on her behalf to Adama. And Adama is rockin' my socks by speaking the truth - Boomer wasn't "just a machine" to him, or to Chief. He also warns Chief that he'll see Sharon again.

Starbuck points out that the hospital is *awfully* quiet. CylonSimon has answers for everything, which I, of course, don't trust. And he's super excited about Starbucks' womb right. So, if he's not a Cylon, he's part of a creepy reproductive cult. Not that he's wrong about people needing to make babies, but - creepy.

Also, she's got lots of old fractures from childhood. So this dad we've heard a tiny bit about was abusive? Yep.

Roslin's religious card is *good*. So good, in fact, that it works better than she's comfortable with. People are awaiting her blessing, which, she says, is not who she is.

And here's Anders, not at all dead. He did not bring her in. Now BoomToast2 is back, pulling the "You're my baby daddy card."

Starbuck is awake again. I wonder if Simon is a Cylon or a baby cultist? I'm going with baby cultist now that there's a new scar.

 And I'm pretty sure she didn't tell him her call sign was Starbuck. She's gettin' out of there (or trying, at least). Yep, he's with a Six!

Starbuck is going to have to play dumb better than this. CylonSimon is suspicious. WHich is ok, because Starbuck has her violent smirky-face on. She shanks CylonSimon in the neck, saying she never told him her call sign (knew it!). Now she's on the run, but she's found a lab full of women (including the black woman from the resistance) hooked up to be baby machine. She tells her to cut the power (which will kill them all, for some reason) because there's no time to get them out. Which, sadly, is true.

And Starbuck gets a save at the last second (CylonSimon, copy2 was all up in her grill). Ooh, and now there's a firefight - old school Cylons vs. resistance. And BoomToast2 turns the tide.

And 1/3 of the fleet follows Roslin, which leads PopAdama to check out BoomToast1's body? And have a flashback to getting shot in the gut. And ask why (which she can't answer, and couldn't actually answer when she was alive). Oh, the man pain. And a tender touch. You know what? I *heart* PopAdama. He understands how fucked up this all is and he is not ok with it.

All you need is love, huh kids? The Cylons think the lack of love is why they can't procreate, so Sharon and Helo were set up to fall in love.

And there are hundreds of women in "farms," where the Cylons are trying to breed with them. Ew.

Anders gives Starbuck her arrow back and they have a moment as he sends her off to find The Pres. It would be sweet, if I weren't such a cynical bitch (is it *really* all going to be about love and babymaking?!). Anders vows to destroy the farms, and BoomToast2 says it's time to go home, by which I assume she means Galactica.

Yeah, that's gonna go well.

Also, where the hell was she? She takes the arrow and runs she can follow them around? I don't buy it.

Episode 6 - Home (part 1)
Previously on BSG: BoomToast says there are 8 Cylons in the fleet, there's an escape, and Starbuck has a new boyfriend. And the whole Arrow of Apollo thing. And 1/3 of the fleet goes back to Kobol with Roslin.

PopAdama wants to know what they've lost - the mining ship seems to be the big blow.

Adama Jr. tells people he's with The Pres, and also don't think they can fight Galactica.

"Return to Kobol carries with it a cost in blood," according to the priestess.

And Starbuck has found The Pres. Lee plants one on her (awkward). More awkward? BoomToast2 rolls up before the explanation and Lee pulls a gun on her, so Helo pulls a gun on Lee. The Pres talks the boys down and tells them to airlock Sharon, who says she knows how to find the tomb of Athena, which they need to find Earth. Starbuck pulls out the arrow and now Ros wants to talk to "that...young woman" (aka The Cylon).

Some new guy is getting Apollo's job (R. points out that he looks like maybe a prick). And there's some tension btwn. Tigh and PopAdama.

And the press are REALLY LOUD. They want to know what's up. PopAdama says, "The fleet has been divided. We will miss our friends and the resources we've lost. But we can do this." The press seems confused. PopAdama insists that Ros is not The Pres, and that this is the new fleet. Someone asks PopAdama if he made the Earth thing up, which he shrugs off.

Baltar is freaking out about the 8 Cylons in the fleet. Six tells Baltar to chill - let destiny take it from here. Also, they both note that he's not really one of them.

BoomToast2 tells The Pres that finding the map and finding Earth will be too high a cost. Ros tells her that either she knows where it is or she doesn't. BoomToast2 tells her that they all know about the tomb, that she can show her the path, but they'll have to move quickly. And Ros tells us that Helo works as a threat for Sharon.

Helo seems to have been dumb enough to really think that there was another way for this to go down. Sharon reminds him that they're all human.

And Zarek and his guy start making noise against Apollo.

Why do I feel like somebody's going to get dead at a training drill? And why are they wasting missiles on asteroids? And why is he about to let hot dog shoot someone? Cat go bye bye. No! She made it. Ok. Yeah, new CAG is not doing well.

Lee comes to tell Sharon that they're all the same; Starbuck keeps him from shooting her, and they have more unrequited sexual tension.

Zarek explains that he believes in the power of myth - president or prophet doesn't matter, because she'll still someone to be in charge of the fleet. His man tells him they should keep Roslin safe, but get rid of Lee, who is Zarek's competition. Zarek is still talking freedom as he agrees they have to turn on Apollo, using the scriptures as backup. Typical.

New CAG can't even refuel.

Starbuck plays with a toy that reminds her of her new boyfriend, which Lee takes without knowing what's up. He wants to play keep away, which is going to get him punched in the face. Oh, she sotrms off instead, and he's not clear on why she's being so sensitive. He wants to know if she wants to talk (which, of course, she doesn't). He still tries, in a very sweet way (slipping in an I love you). Which Starbuck teases him about.

New CAG just ran into the fuel tanker.

Meanwhile, on Kobol, Apollo gives Zarek a gun, because he is too honorable, and the tomb finding party sets off across Kobol. And falls into a booby trap. Magical negro priestess is dead, and Sharon is probably about to get blamed. She's running off and Lee is following her, but she went for a gun to kill Cylons with.

PopAdama is giving a very calm speech about rage, and how it chokes out everything else. He can feel it in his chest, and it makes him feel like he's going to scream. He's saying this to Dee, who says the problem is not that he's been betrayed, but that he feels helpless. He was shot, he couldn't do anything, and then he let them down. She tells him that he made a promise to all of them to find them a home together, and every day that the fleet is divided is another day he breaks his promise. He dismisses her, but she tells him she has things to say. "It's time to heal the wounds," she says.

And the magical negro priestess is the cost in blood. Roslin picks up her bloody scroll and continues.

PopAdama is in slow-motion, which can't be good. With drums and military humming. Now he wants to see all recon material on Kobol, because he's putting the fleet - our family - back together. Way to go, Dee - you're a magical negro, too!

And here's the Cylon tally so far:
confirmed (6/12):
  • Six
  • Leoban
  • BoomToast (Sharon "Boomer" Valeri)
  • SpaceyCylon
  • BlackGuyCylon (Simon)
  • That one I'm not supposed to know about yet. [Though I totally would have called it without being spoiled. Maybe.]

under suspicion (from me)
  • Starbuck, because the ship likes her too much, and because if would be EFFED UP.
  • Either Billy or Dee, because they are adorable together, which means that either one of them is a Cylon or one of them will die. Or both.
  • Gaita, largely because there's just something hinky about him. He's too much...I don't know, just too much in the thick of everything, and in too good with everybody.
  • SkankyTigh, though I don't really think she'll turn out to be a Cylon, just because it would be so easy if she were. But I do hate her, and am still hoping she'll get killed.

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