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Saturday, April 16, 2011


I decided on a whim this afternoon that I would catch a 7:50 showing of Hanna tonight. Got out of school at a decent hour only to find that trains weren't actually running due to a train vs. car collision. (Sad -- 1 person made it out, one did not.) The collision happened around 5, about an hour before I got to the train station, and I'm reading now that service didn't resume again until almost 8pm. Bad news all around. Thanks to a very generous assist from M.thanks, M.!), and despite BART's best efforts to the contrary, I made it to the movie, though I missed the opening scene. It was pretty good, mostly atmosphere, with lots of the movie carried by close ups of Saoirse Ronan, whose face is, luckily, expressive enough for that to work. The plot is loose, but that hardly matters, as it's basically a chase movie with a neat soundtrack. That said, it's a better chase movie than most you'll see (think Run, Lola, Run or The Bourne Identity). Saoirse Ronan carries it well. I thought Kate Blanchett was sort of flat (and her accent was distracting), and I continue not to be impressed by Eric Bana ('s acting), but Tom Hollander's super creepy finder was well used.

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