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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whedon Spotlight link extravaganza

So I think I'll make this the featured post for a while and update it with links as I make my way through the Whedon spotlight. If you're looking for new stuff that's not this, please scroll down. Thanks!

Why Cast a Spotlight on Joss Whedon by Robert Moore
Yay, Joss!

Joss Whedon 101: Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Robert Moore
All about BtVS.

You're Strong. I'm Stronger. Vampires, Masculinity, and Language in 'Buffy" by Malgorzata Drewniok
Explores the link relationship between chauvinism and language as depicted in 3 types of vampires.

Women Who Hate Women: Female Competition in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' by Faye Murray and Holly Golding
Analyzes relationships between female characters (both friends and enemies) on BtVS.

The Darkness of "Passion": Visuals and Voiceovers, Sound and Shadow by Rhonda V. Wilcox

An analysis of one of my favorite episodes of season 2

Heroic Humanism and Humanistic Heroism in Shows of Joss Whedon by Candace E. West
OMG, y'all -- THIS IS MINE!!! OK, first, they added that "in shows of Joss Whedon." Second, I didn't pick the picture. Third -- OMG, IT'S ME! GO READ IT! And then leave some comments on it.

*sigh*  I'm falling behind, but here are things I *want to be reading:

In the Buff: Sexual Conservatism in the Works of Joss Whedon by Kyle Garrett
Argues that the philosophical liberalism of Joss' shows does not extend to the treatment of casual sex.

Joss Whedon 101: Dollhouse by Ian Mathers

'Dollhouse,' Fox Television, and Cultural Fragmentation by Rana Emerson


  1. Interesting essay! Now I want to read all about finding ways to apply the thinkings of Blaise Pascale and Erasmus to Buffy!

  2. Thanks! Lots of interesting things going on over there - I've been intrigued by the range of topics so far. I'm excited to have some time to read a few things while I'm on spring break this week. If I get enough work done tomorrow, I'm rewarding myself with the articles on human realism and sexual conservatism.