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Friday, May 7, 2010

Queens, cons, and masters of war

Finally started rereading American Gods for One Book, One Twitter, and I'm enjoying the process of chasing down interesting research items I let slide the first time. Bilqis/Sheba, for example, I looked up and remembered. But, I had somehow forgotten the connection to The Candaces (aka the Kandakes of Kush), which interests me for obvious reasons  :) But I'm still annoyed by Bilqis' man-eating hoo-hah, perhaps even more so now that we're "related"  :(

Anyway, Only through ch. 1 so far - have been reading multiple things/spending too much time online/socializing a lot recently, all of which means consuming fewer pages at a time. Some other things I've noted this time:
  • Shadow's misgivings about electronic things as "fundamentally magic, and liable to disappear at any moment." Good instincts, Shadow.
  • Am curious about the "flashback" Shadow has in prison ("In his imagination, he was leaving another prison, long ago."), but will have to look it up later...
  • Looked up the town name "Nottamun." Came up with a strange and slightly disturbing (largely because of the final line) folk song called "Nottamun Town," which led me to Bob Dylan's "Masters of War." Wheels, turning...
You that never done nothin'
but build to destroy
You play with my world
like it's your little toy...
--From Masters of War by Bob Dylan
  • The population of Nottamun also set off my spidey sense this time. Looked into it and suspect that I was almost remembering is as the year that Dante's exile began. Exile definitely not unrelated to American Gods.
Off to do things that are neither reading nor tweeting. There's sun to be had!

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