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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BSG Season 2: eps 9-12

Flight of the Phoenix; Pegasus; Resurrection Ship 1 & 2

Flight of the Phoenix
Not surprisingly, people are ostracizing Helo because he's a Cylon-lover. And Chief and Helo are having some issues. And the Cylons seem to be fucking w/Galactica's computers (connected to the virus thing from a few eps. ago).

47, 853 survivors

And Chief is having a breakdown. I mean, fair enough, right? Gaita is also losing his shit.

The Pres has just weeks left. Oh, and there's no oxygen, all of a sudden, in the firing range. Another ship glitch, I presume.

UST btwn. Dee and Apollo? Hm.

And Helo is feeling a little insecure after hearing (because he asked) that his baby mama has other BoomToast's memories.

And, for those not keeping up, Chief explains that to CrustyAlkie that he needs the ship-building project because it's all he has left.

The Pres returns Adama's book, which sits ill with him. But not as ill as the knowledge that the Cylon Logic Bomb is a prelude to an attack sits w/The Pres. Gaita suggests erasing the hard drives to destroy the virus. Which may be Sharon's idea, which makes it a tricky call. But now she's on the bridge, spearheading the fix (maybe?). The Cylons just showed up, which is a problem. Somehow, bloodletting is a part of it, and Sharon seems to be networking herself? And the Cylons are making a really pretty pattern. Except that Sharon just shut them all down, so now they're getting picked off by gleeful viper pilots.

And Chief's ship seems to be happening. Starbuck, of course, is going to test it. Because the military would send its best pilot on every hare-brained project possible. After a smart-ass close call, it turns out that the new stealth-ship totally works! I don't understand where the carbon whatchamajiggy came from to cover it in, but ok.

And now we're having another pep talk... Awww, they named the ship after The Pres, who is as verklempt as I am (R. too)  :)

And Chief is visiting Sharon in the brig. Awwwwwwwwkwaaaaaaaard. R. suggests that she's still in love w/him. I think, if she is, she is also in love w/Helo (because I think we're supposed to believe that the love made the baby). This is obviously going to be problematic.

Previously: new flyer, baby mama drama, and ewwww, he's hooking with a Cylon!

Now: Kara is trying to plan a rescue mission for the resistance back on Caprica, and we seem to be under attack. Or maybe it's a colonial ship. Pegasus, which we thought was destroyed w/the rest of the fleet. R. remarks, just as I was noticing, that there seems to be smooth jazz playing in the background. And it's super corny right now. But, they seem to have found another battlestar (which is obviously not going to go well). And your Admiral Cain is a maenad, just so you know. Bad news.

49605 survivors (updated for Pegasus, I suppose).

So, tension. The Pres and Cain don't look like they're going to get along. Cain seems to know Baltar. And Cain's story sounds sketchy to both of us. Resource-jumping and you just happened upon the Galactica? She claims they were about to get 3 months off, were down in a shipyard, got lucky (blast that destroyed the shipyard blinded the raiders, so they couldn't tell there was one left). Cain ordered a blind jump to get them out of there. There networks were offline in prep for the overhaul, so the Cylons didn't get their computer. And Admiral Cain outranks Commander Adama, so she's now in control of the fleet. But she has no desire to interfere w/Galactica's internal affairs. Of course.

And now we're getting the skinny on Cain from Tigh's friend. It's not pretty. And their ship has a Cylon prisoner as well. And then the dude w/the gossip takes it back.

Starbuck seems unimpressed new guys' scorekeeping on their ships. Admiral Cain supports it, and the other CAG informs Lee that he will now, too.

Cain seems surprised that they haven't been torturing Sharon. Things obviously work very different on her ship. And the Cylon is...

And Tigh says that he doesn't think the dude was lying re: Tigh shooting her officer in the head.

Cain is not seeing to the needs of the civilians. Not good. Her deck crew sent presents for the ones we know, and they've brought over software and such. I presume it's all infected or something, because I DO NOT TRUST THEM!

Pegasus has been conscripting people?

The Cylon is a very bruised-up Six. HeadSix seems horrified by this (not sure what she expected). Six is traumatized by the abused woman. Um, Cylon? I'm not down with torture, but can we balance this against some full-scale genocide? Just checking.

Baltar says CaptiveSix is psychologically traumatized. He going to try to fix her up (use the carrot, not the stick).

They're going to attack the Cylons (bad idea) and Cain is integrating the crews, beginning w/Apollo, because of discipline issues and the general train-wreckiness of the Galactica crew (Apollo, Starbuck, Helo). Adama expresses his disagreement, but is out ranked. Yeah...that's not going to go well.

Starbuck and Adama get their orders and demonstrate exactly the behavior that's getting them transferred. Adama tells them to follow orders, but watch their backs because there's gunning for them both. Lee says they're gunning for all of them.

And the Pegasus chief is taking over Tyrol's deck.

OK, so...yeah. The Pegasus guys raped their Cylon. The Cylon interrogator attacked Sharon, Chief and Helo went to save her, and killed the Cylon interrogator. Accidentally, actually, not that that's going to matter. Cain wants them interrogated on Pegasus, Adama says, no, Cain says, "Suck it up."

Baltar is trying to feed the abused Six and is telling her about, well, her. He's professing his love for Six. Which is kind of deep. Also? I still don't think it's a good idea to trust Cylons. That doesn't mean torture, rape, and starve them, but maybe don't give them trays, which could be used as weapons?

Apollo is flying the raptor for the asshole CAG from Pegasus. He knows about Helo and Tyrol and has been told to forget about it. Not surprisingly, Helo and Tyrol have a very short court martial, and are slated for execution. Adama is, not surprisingly, sending a strike crew to get them. I don't understand why the maenad didn't see this coming, but now she's sending a crew to kill Galactica's battery. Yeah, her people need to go 'head and turn on her.

Resurrection Ship 1
Previously on BSG - things are *really* frakked up. The Pres is dying in weeks, the civilian engineer is taking over for Tyrol, CaptiveSix has been really abused, Starbuck is on a stealth mission to take pictures of the unidentified Cylon ship, and Helo and Tyro killed the guy who tried to rape Sharon. Now, they're going to get executed, and Adama is sending vipers to get them back before they're killed, and Cain is sending vipers to shoot at those vipers, and it's a really bad scene.

Kara's @ the CylonLodge w/a camcorder hooked to the ship. It looks like a big, weird, spidery thing.

Apollo just got "relieved of duty" and AssholeCAG is going to help w/attack on Galactica. Apollo seems to be trying to get through to Starbuck, who distracts everyone long enough for everyone to calm down. And she sends crazy recon pictures to Pegasus. "There you are," says, Cain, zooming in on a picture of Six inside the ginormous Cylon Spider Lodge Ship.

49, 604 survivors.

Pegasus and Galactica are truced until after they attack the Cylon fleet. Starbuck gets promoted to CAG and insists that Lee be on her team.

Best line EVER: The Pres says somberly, "I'm afraid this can only end one way." I'm expecting the whole, "you can't save them..." Instead? "We've gotta kill her." R. and I *love* The Pres.

Ros is totally right. The maenad is dangerous. She can't be trusted not to go after Adama, and she can't be trusted to care for the civilian fleet. Adama says he's not an assassin. I say that's awesome, but I also say some people need killin'. Get CaptiveSix to do it.

Adama promises Sharon that he's not going to let the boys get executed. He also apologizes for "the attack."

Gaius and Six are hanging out in his imaginary house, which he says he doesn't miss anymore. HeadSix says she misses sports, the energy of the crowd, and pretending that Gaius was there with her at the game.

Cain comes in and talks about CaptiveSix like a dog. There's kicking and spitting, and further evidence that Roslin is right. That bitch needs to get dead. I'm telling you, let CaptiveSix do it.

CaptiveSix tries to choke out Baltar, then stops. She says she wants to die and asks if Baltar will help her do that.

"Scuttlebutt is that the Pegasus used to have a civilian fleet, but something happened to them." Yeah, that sounds bad. Tigh is trying to get the dirt from his drinking buddy, who tells him that they stripped civilian ships for parts, took the parts and the "valuable" civilians, left the rest. On the Scilla, they shot the families of any "valuable" people who refused to come. Tigh is a jerk, but he's suitably horrified.

Lee is having drama with his demotion, but he's going to help Starbuck plan the attack.

CaptiveSix says she thought when her mission was done she'd be killed, downloaded into a new body. Instead...

The Spider Lodge is a resurrection ship, a substitute for their normal downloading procedures (they're too far from the home world for normal rules).

Pres is dying, jokes w/Adama re: getting her a new body from the Cylon ship. Also reminds him that Cain is a crazy bitch. that how they're going to fix the cancer? Tech from the resurrection ship?

Tyrol and Helo have a heart to heart about their feelings for the Sharons. Chief is ready to let go. Helo can't.

Adama and Cain are both in thoughtful pose. Cain is poring over Galactica's logs.

The plan is HUGE. All squadrons and some decoys and HUGE!

Cain is sending a crew of loyals to Galactica to assassinate Adama. Adama is sending Starbuck to assassinate Cain.

Resurrection Ship 2
Um, swimming? Or a dead body. No, it's Lee. Is this a dream? Must be. First he's floating in water, then he's floating in space. 48 hours earlier...

Lee seems not to be on board with Starbuck offing Cain, but promises to have her back. Because trust is what makes us different from the Cylons.

A bunch of Pegasus douchebags roll up to talk trash to Helo and Tyrol, talk trash back, but now look set to get a grade-A ass whuppin.

R. points out, rightly, that the Pegasus boys are into torture. They're currently beating the prisoners in a way so as not to leave marks. But the Pegasus XO (Tigh's drinkin' buddy) stops it because they are colonial officers, not Cylons. He's obviously the weak link in Cain's plan. Or maybe not, as he informs Helo that you can't rape a machine.

Cain is buddying up to Starbuck, which can't be good. But not too buddy buddy. There's some serious foreshadowing (no flinching, no conscience, terrible choices, etc). Cain wants Starbuck to promise her she won't flinch in the moment. The moment will, of course, be shooting her in the head.

Lee seems to be trying to guilt trip Adama. Really, Lee? I mean, ok, moral compass, but...she shot their families! If there's an argument for people needing killing...

The assassination squads pass each other in the hallway. Which means the whole crew sent after Adama passes Starbuck. Nice.

Adama is having a tete a tete with Sharon, wanting to find out why the Cylons hate humans so much. She says hate might not be the right word. Sharon hearkens back to the speech Adama made right before the attack, in which he said humanity is a flawed creation that never asked itself why it deserved to survive...maybe it doesn't, she says.

Meanwhile, the attack is on. Lee is inside the Resurrection ship and has killed the FTL drive, but then he gets hit, has to eject. Lee's floating in his ejector seat and his suit has a hole in it and he's low on oxygen.

Baltar is hanging out with CaptiveSix. Head Six is traumatized about how tens of thousands of Cylons are about to die. Um, genocide much? Baltar is using HeadSix's words to draw in CaptiveSix, which HeadSix seems a little traumatized about.

Apollo can hear Dee calling, but doesn't seem to be able to respond? "I'm sorry, Kara," he says.

Resurrection ship goes bye bye, dream Apollo sinks, and space Apollo mutters as he runs out of oxygen. But there's a ship and a bright light right in front of him. Cat (I think) found him.

CaptiveSix knows they've destroyed the resurrection ship and says she's ready to die. She's begging Baltar to send her soul to god.

Meanwhile, Tigh's drinking buddy is looking nervous because it's go time, and Starbuck is heading to her mission. Oh, without backup, because Lee is busy being just snatched from death. Try to look a little less guilty, Kara.

Other XO is getting his call. Cain and Adama congratulate each other. Adama asks for Starbuck, tells her not to do it because it's not enough to survive - one has to be worthy of surviving. Cain has got to know something was up. Cain also doesn't do it, surprisingly enough. Other XO has a fit of relieved giggles.

CaptiveSix takes out a guard, gives Baltar the sidearm and puts it to her neck. He says he can't, gives her the gun. She says she needs to die, he says she needs justice and gives her the gun. He also says he has a place where she can stay and be safe (because he loves her). She, for some reason, runs off on her own? I'm confused now. Should she be wandering around the ship?

Cain takes off her weapon, and is obviously about to get jumped. CaptiveSix takes her out, which I am not at all upset about. Other XO takes over Pegasus, promising to "uphold the values that made her an effective and heroic leader." Starbuck speaks of how she didn't flinch, as opposed to how much second-guessing goes on on Galactica. She says "it might be hard to hear, but...we were safer with her than without." Adama looks, not surprisingly, surprised.

Lee is all broken up about letting Starbuck down, who tells him that a close call like that would mess w/anybody's head. Dee is, for some reason, standing outside listening. (R. is not into the Dee/Apollo thing that seems to be building. I am mostly meh about it.) So she must hear Lee admit that he didn't want to make it back alive. Yeah, kid, neither would I.

Helo and Tyrol make it back and Boomer is pretty giddy about it. And asks, "Where do we go from here?" What the hell does she even mean by that?! There's nowhere to go!Helo has already made it clear that he's in (in ways that I have previously complained about), so there's nowhere to go there. And your ass is staying in the brig, so there's nowhere to go there. Shut up, Sharon.

CaptiveSix has escaped, and no one knows how. I wonder where Baltar has put her.

Roslin promotes Adama to Admiral. And they totally kiss! It's really sweet  :) I need her not to die so they can hook up and be awesome and fight with each other (in a good way). It would be a good foil to the way that Tigh and his hoochie wife hook up and are gross and fight with each other (in a bad way).

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