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Monday, February 21, 2011

Grading is impermanent...

But it feels like forever.

Pretty sure this round of paper grading has taught me a valuable
lesson. Grading is like Samsara writ small, a seemingly endless cycle
of reading and commenting. Each paper is like a new rebirth, and each
time, I'm caught - how could you write this?! Oh, what an interesting
idea. Didn't we talk about this before you wrote the paper? Well,
maybe this time, there will be a thesis. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY
RELATABLE, AND WHY SHOULD I CARE?! Over and over, some pleasant, some
painful, and each a little harder to recover from than the last, as I
carry with me the weight of the grading that went before. Only a Noble
One, well on her way to Enlightenment has the fortitude of spirit to
grade freshman papers on Buddhism to without suffering several
lifetimes of pain.

I am not a Noble One.

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