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Thursday, February 24, 2011

2/23 - The Aftermath (school version)

I'm not even showing you my whole desk, because it's embarrassing. But I'll say that I was desperate enough last week to order a pizza and a two liter of Coke, and that the leftover pizza and the coke went to campus with me when I was the over the weekend, and that most of the Coke is still there, at my desk. So this is what I find when I get to school this morning.

Note #1 says: "I love it that you have a big ole' bottle of Coke on your desk! You are such a good Southern girl  :)"

Note #2 says: "Not only do you have a big bottle of Coke but ti's right next to a can of Cafe du Monde coffee which I didn't even notice earlier. You are cracking me up!

I've told you about the Coke. The Cafe du Monde can actually has tea supplies in it - I've had it as a handy container for years  :)

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