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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fixing some stuff.

First off, the picture of that poster of Michael (aka Paul Bettany from Legion) should have been for Friday, 2/18. Here's a picture that's actually from Saturday, 2/19:

That was taken from the train as I headed down to campus (in the rain) to grade papers all day. I had a lovely dinner with V. that evening (she cooked pork tenderloin and twice-baked potatoes - yummy!) and then we went to karaoke, where I continued to grade papers. No picture for 2/20 - just more grading, also done down at Stanford, so that I could leave the papers there and not have to go back down today, giving me one day out of the 3 day weekend off.

Today was spent reclaiming my life. I washed my hair, did A LOT of laundry, and imposed some order on the chaos photographed last week (see 2/15).
I even vacuumed, which I hadn't done in way too long, so I could put my happy orange rugs back down (which I washed some time ago, but didn't want to put back down on a cluttered, unvacuumed floor).


Yes, well...I had to put some things on the bed temporarily, you see, just so that I could vacuum. It's just that I was doing laundry and cleaning up paperwork and moving the furniture around to vacuum all at one, and it's a smallish sort of room... It'll all be put away properly by bedtime, of course. And, look -- a lot of it's blankets and pillows, anyway. Yes, and laundry. Yes, also a keyboard and a purse-type thing, and -- did I mention that I vacuumed? And also prepped all of the veggies from the produce box? Look, fennel!

I don't really know what I'm going to do with all of this fennel, but I suppose I'll find a recipe that calls for a lot of it. A couple of recipes. Am sad there were no more carrots since I let my last ones go wobbly. Will have to do something exciting with chard and onions and (and fennel). Actually I'm sure there's a tasty pasta sauce with those things in it -- will look for a good recipe for proportions.

Off to clear off my bed, I suppose. Mr. Fuzzybutt (the bear is the upper left of the picture) is looking at me suspiciously, as if to say, "You know, this is how things end up on the floor..." *sigh* He knows me too well.

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