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Saturday, July 31, 2010

True Blood. season 3 - the halfway point

Ok, a few quick thoughts after last week's episode (3.6).

I'm glad to see Tara getting it done, despite the fact that they've already opened the strong/survivor can of stereotypes, but I'm annoyed that she somehow doesn't know that "smashing in" is not the same as "cutting off." Or maybe we're supposed to believe that how to kill vampires is not common knowledge? And there aren't even myths about it? Despite the fact that everyone seems to know about garlic?

I feel like this junk about Lorena and her maker is going to annoy me. I was trying to think of it as making her more sympathetic, but I feel like it's too late for that (and I'm not sure why they would want to do that, given how much humiliation of and violence towards her we've been asked to endorse). They have done everything they can to make her both hateful and pathetic (but not in the sympathetic or pitiable sense). And, maybe because of my annoyance with the direction they've taken other female characters in, I feel like this is just another way of taking away a female character's agency. I mean...what the hell have they done to Sophie Anne?

And, yes - I foresee lots of pro-Bill mental acrobatics on the horizon. I'm sure there will be lots of Debbie hate, without any attempt to justify her actions, right alongside finding a way to ignore both the impending rape and the whole "I'm actually supposed to be studying you" thing.

Finally, I don't think they realized they've basically ruined Eric right now. As hot as I think Skarsgard is, I have no desire to see this version of Eric get with Sookie.

So I think TB is trying hard to get dumped, but we'll probably linger for a bit in that stage of the relationship where it's terrible, but I keep hanging in there because we used to be so great together.


  1. I know. I no longer want to see the Eric and Pam Show. Sigh. It could've been sooo good.

    At the moment, I'm leaning towards watching the rest of this season since it's past the half way point and then giving up on any future seasons.

  2. I find myself very worried about where they are going with Lorena right now. Worried, in particular, that somehow Eric or someone else we know is her maker and that this will be an important insight into her, but more importantly into whoever the maker is.

    The Eric storyline is also weak, right now. I think they believe that they are making him sympathetic with his human-Eric angst, but that is really not what is going on. I hope they can pull out of this one.

    Though I really think that they are going in a direction that will make him even less attractive. I think they are going to have him kill off the King's consort. You know, for symmetry.

    Could you elaborate on what you don't like about his storyline?

    And, yes, it is unfortunate that Tara didn't make sure to cut the head OFF. I expected better from her. Which is to say, from the writers.

    Of course, last year's maenad storyline was also deeply problematic.

    Which brings me to the Sam storyline. Oh, the poor shapeshifter deserved more. I am really tired of his family.

  3. Well, here's how I explained my reservations last season:

    I think that still holds true and think this season is just making it harder and harder to redeem him to a comfortably ambiguous moral standing, which is necessary for the love triangle to work. I'm guessing they'll try to suggest that he was more concerned with Sookie's well being than he could openly show for fear of getting his head ripped off/ruining his vengeance, but I also suspect that whatever he does for this revenge plot (and killing Talbot looks like a good bet) will further compromise him. And, I liked it that book Eric really respected Sophie-Anne (as much as I liked it that book Sophie-Anne was respectable). Things like that and the book version of the Godric story humanized him in a way that helped make him a believable potential love interest.

    I thought they said a name for Lorena's maker - something I didn't recognize?

    My brother made the point that the dogfighting thing could be a compelling way to make Jo Lee a terrible human being, but I think it's too late - I already don't care. I do think it could have been done in an interesting way, and might still at least become less annoying. (I'm not holding my breath, but it's possible.)

    And don't get me started on the maenad. I was SO sick of that storyline, well before it was over. The fact I liked the way they ended it didn't erase the fact that I'd rather they hadn't started it at all. Come to think of it, that's sort of the best case scenario for Sam's family right now. I wish it weren't happening at all, but maybe at least the resolution will work.

    Yeah, you know what? I think that's season 3 for me right now. Sam's family, Hotshot, the whole Russell and the weres plot, Lorena (and her maker), Tara, Eric - I wish none of those things were happening (at least not the way they're happening), but I'm still hoping they'll come to something more interesting, more entertaining, and less problematic than they have been so far.

    1. That link to 2009 reservations has died. New link:

  4. Know what is really keeping me watching the show at this point? Alcide. Yum...