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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A long overdue, though perhaps ill-timed productivity surge

 Why, you might wonder, am I up at 3am? No, no - nothing that exciting. Quite the opposite, actually. I'm organizing. Yes, right now. Of course I should be sleeping. But I kind of have to go with the productivity when it's happening. And this was a seriously productive organizing binge! On Thursday, I went to the library empty-handed and left with a large bag of books (there might have been a hand truck involved). On Friday, I received a bunch of the books I've ordered online recently (more coming on Monday). To make room for all those books, I needed to do some cleaning and reorganizing. What started as a simple displaement soon became real, live sorting and, in the process, I uncovered several things to read that will be helpful for the research projects I've finally started thinking about, imposed order on various stacks of paper (getting rid of much of it in the process), and, perhaps most shockingly, found a whole bunch of things (notes, etc) written by yours truly that are not stupid and that totally relate to what I'm supposed to be thinking about. Who knew all those scraps of paper I'd been hoarding actually had thoughts on them, some of which I'm excited to think about some more?! I mean, besides me...because that's why I was hoarding them in the first place. But they weren't helping me. They were pretty just an overwhelming mass of paperandbooksandjumbledOMGICANNOTDEALWITHTHISRIGHTNOW! And now they're thoughts and lists and syllabi and poems and articles. They're categorized in useful ways, easily accessible, grouped with other relevant things of their kind, just begging to make themselves useful!
So, I should probably be sleeping, but I think it was worth it. I'm actually excited to do some of that thinking that needs doing, and am even beginning to think I might have something to write about (eventually). Lord knows I've got enough notes.

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