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Monday, August 2, 2010

Still (batshit) crazy after all these years

Are we really surprised when Phylis Schlafly says something asinine? (Hint: no, we are not.) I'm really only linking to this out of scholarly habit (the link is my blog's version of a citation, except when I actually provide a citation, in which case it's more like an appendix), because I want to quote from TNC's response to Schlafly's insanity:
Fully, half of the life-span gap between African-Americans and whites is due to African-Americans having to endure punditry about "The Blacks." Whenever a studio anchor breathlessly comments on the "conversation over race," the heart-rate of some old black sanitation worker jumps. It's a conspiracy, son. But I'm wise. Motherfuckers ain't taking me out.

As for me, I'm obviously doing this wrong. Being one of those unmarried women who voted for Obama, I must have missed a memo somewhere, because I collect neither unemployment nor welfare nor children.


  1. Oh c'mon CEW, we all know you're hiding small children under your bed and feeding them with government just pretend they're dust-bunnies, but we know better.

  2. You got me - my secret kid's name is Dustbunnyqua!

  3. I'm in the club too!
    Were we supposed to collect welfare and children somewhere?