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Friday, July 30, 2010


So, I was never into the Thor comics - don't know anything about them, actually. In fact, the last time I really thought about Thor, Elisabeth Shue was having a hell of a time keeping up with the kids she was supposed to be watching, and somehow they ended up at some mechanic's place...

OK, and the interwebs just told me that that guy was Vincent D'Onofrio. Wow.

OK, but as we've discussed here, Thor now looks like this:

I wasn't sold, but I was intrigued.

So now there's this really long trailer:

Uh oh. Should I be worried about the fact that this Thor movie looks like a lot of fun to me? I mean, it looks cheesy, but also potentially awesome. And I feel like a guy whose superpower is being the god of thunder has potential, right? And, well...Hemsworth *is* looking pretty fine, in a super blond Norse god kind of way...

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