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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We're teaching it in the class that isn't mine -- that's why I watched it. It's good, though I think it's too long. You know what's gross? Tom Cruise's hair in this movie. You know what's really gross? Frogs falling from the sky. 

But this was awesome:

"I'm silently judging you."
There are, of course, many other things to note about the movie. Tom Cruise is brilliantly despicable, until he's suddenly not anymore. But, aside from him, the performances mostly felt like less than they should have. Or, perhaps more appropriately, they made me feel less than I feel like they should have made me feel: I think it's because they feel like types, not like characters, and I found it difficult to generate any emotional investment, which I think is important for a  movie like this. Bust that I also feel like the movie did a fine job of creating a tension between coincidence and...what, meaning? It begins with several "strange events,"the kind that make people talk about fate, and there are several more instances like that throughout the movie. And then it culminates with a full-on miracle (a really gross one). So, I don't know what to make of it completely. Maybe more when I'm not falling asleep...

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