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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Very, very funny. There were some scenes I could have done without -- well, one sequence in particular, to be honest -- but I spent the majority of the 2 hours laughing. And I love it that the main relationship is actually the friendship between Kristen Wiig's Annie and Maya Rudolph's Lillian. And (spoiler) that Wilson Phillips sings "Hold On," because that song still makes me happy. Wiig and Rudolph are hilarious, but Melissa McCarthy steals the show. For the guys, Jon Hamm nails the asshole hot guy, while Chris O'Dowd is genuinely charming as the romantic part of this romantic comedy.

5 *s = "WOW!"
4 *s = "Good"

3 *s = "Stupid fun, decent, or at least not bad enough to get 2 *s"

2 *s = "Bad, but not awful, or enjoyable despite its awfulness"
1 * = "The best part was the end, because then it was over."
no *s = "*Deep, pain-filled sigh*...I will never get that [insert running time here] of my life back."


  1. I saw it last night and laughed so hard! I also empathized completely with Kristen Wiig's character having been in a very similar situation myself - although, nothing as dire as any of her "events" actually happened to me.

    Let me say this for those folks who may read this: IT IS NOT A MOVIE FOR CHILDREN. Please don't take your eight-year-old to the 10 p.m. showing of an inappropriate movie. (thanks for the rant space, C. )

  2. Yeah, I spent more time than I would have liked identifying with Annie, but I actually liked it that her life was crappy in real ways (not the typical "I'm so neurotic that my fabulous life sucks"), and that the movie didn't completely fix everything. In a different version of this film, she'd not only have reconciled with Lillian and gotten a guy, she's also have opened a new bakery at the end (see: "Due Date").

    We went at, like, 9pm, and there was a small child in the audience. No, people. No.