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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fast Five***

Definitely better, in my opinion, than the last one...but let's be honest -- that's not really so hard to do. The plot is thin, but holds together fairly well, perhaps because they kept it simple: let's get the gang together for one big, last job, and try not to get caught/killed. But let's be honest - if you're going, you're not going for the plot. So here's what you really want to know: there are some awesome/ridiculous/impossible scenes with cars, there's a good chase scene (on foot), there are some gunfights thrown in, there's some actual humor, and there's a whole lot of hotness. Totally mindless and totally fun. Oh, and don't be an amateur like the folks at the theater where I saw it: stay until the end of the credits.

I'm giving it 3 stars because it was fun, and wasn't bad enough to be awful.

5 *s = "WOW!"
4 *s = "Good"
3 *s = "Stupid fun, decent, or at least not bad enough to get 2 *s"

2 *s = "Bad, but not awful, or enjoyable despite its awfulness"
1 * = "The best part was the end, because then it was over."
no *s = "*Deep, pain-filled sigh*...I will never get that [insert running time here] of my life back."

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