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Monday, January 18, 2010

Battlestar Galactica: the addiction begins.


Watched the opening miniseries of Battlestar Galactica with R. and J. Wrote a blog about it - like to hear it? Here it go!
Wow. This series came out swinging. You just know in that first scene that things are NOT going to go well for the colonial emissary. That entrance - the updated old-school Cylons, followed by #6 - well played. And that baby scene...Damn.

So...he's sleeping with a Cylon? I thought the betrayal would happen later.

Oh, snap - he didn't know? But didn't he ever notice the glowing spine!? Because that's a little weird, right?


Radiation poisoning, right? OK, creepy radiation poisoning guy. Let's say you're right. God decided he made a mistake with humans and - OK, you're obviously a Cylon. Anyway, God made a mistake with humans, because we are, as you said, "Two steps away from beating each other with clubs." Why would he try that experiment again? OK, OK - R. points out that that's exactly what a scientist would do. It's also what I would do. But, let's say it was a failure, and he was going to try it again. Would the Cylons be a good choice for that? I mean, isn't that mass destruction waiting to happen? Why would he try it with creatures who'd already shown themselves to be perfectly willing - nay, eager - to commit atrocities that make beating each other with clubs look kind?! And wouldn't he have good, divine reasons to think in advance that the Cylons would be made of at least as much fail as humans? OR MORE?! I call bullshit on your existential musings. If people are an accident, Cylons are their biggest mistake.

Oh, I *knew* he was really a Cylon! But I did not know that she was a Cylon. That's going to SUCK!

So very stressful.

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