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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

True-ly hilarious

Go Fug Yourself has done a "Fug: The Cover" on the Rolling Stone issue featuring Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer. It's hilarious to me - maybe my favorite thing to come out of True Blood this season. Here's the cover:

My favorite quote from the entry? "SMOY: Blue Steel. BLUE STEEL!"  You can check out the whole thing over at Go Fug Yourself.

In other True Blood news, Racialicious' roundtable for episode 9 is up. As is usually the case, it's full of excellence.

This is where I would usually put my own opinions about the last episode and the season so far, but I think I'll skip that this week, except to say that I think they finally did some things right with Tara in episode 9. It shouldn't have taken until episode 9, and it may still turn out to be too little too late for this season, but I'd love it if this were a turning point for the show.


  1. I wasn't thrilled with the episode until I saw the last three minutes and then I think (just maybe) the season was saved for me. I'll have to see where it goes from here.

    A couple of side notes: 1. I do agree that Tara was much better this episode. 2. I've decided that Alan Ball is apparently determined to keep Bill & Sookie together no matter what. and finally, 3. Does anyone else notice what the real problem with that Rolling Stone cover is? The headlines include Wyclef (probably Haiti's next president), U2 (determined to save the world and the biggest band in said world with $300 mil in concert sales in 2010 alone), Chuck Berry (Hail, Hail, the king of Rock and Roll) and... Taylor Swift? WTF?

  2. "We will eat you! After we eat your children. Now, time for the weather - Tiffany?"

    That madness cracked me up. That plus finally taking Tara's horrific experience seriously meant I was finally able to come away from an episode feeling like I'd enjoyed it more than it made me want to throw things. We'll see where the last few go.

    I hear you on the Taylor Swift, but my big problem was actually the tagline for the photo, because only two of those pictures play someone undead. But I guess they figured Moyer's Blue Steel would quell any questions...