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Thursday, June 10, 2010

So close

So, I'm on the Caltrain, heading down to Palo Alto for a meeting about the class I'm going to teach next year. (Insert implied freak out here.) As is often the case, it was a mad dash out to the bus stop, but I made it in time today. Made the bus, made the T, made exactly the Caltrain I needed to make (whether said Caltrain will make its journey without incident remains to be seen, and I refrain from comment on that until the trip is done). So far, so good!

But as I ran down the stairs, I had the nagging feeling I was forgetting something. Something work-related? Let's see... I remembered my computer, my dissertation, my notes, a notebook, and a pen that works, all of which I'll be using for some prep. So I'm set there. I brought my coffee (and drank it without spilling it) and some lunch hadn't eaten yet today). Hm, set there. I have my phone, my iPod, my headphones, my keys, the check I need to deposit, my wallet... What else could I possibly have forgotten? My top is right-side-out, I've got contacts in, I combed my hair (each if these things has gone wrong at least once in my commuting history). I was in such a hurry that I threw my loafers on sans inserts to get down the stairs, but I was together enough to take the inserts out of the sneakers and put them into the briefcase, so it'all good! I'll just pop them in and throw on the socks I put in my...


It could be worse. At least I've got pants on.

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