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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Joel Stein is desperate for attention

No, really - that's the first line of his bio, which goes on to mention that he went to Stanford. For some reason, I feel like those two bits of information provide all the context you need for what follows. I should clarify that I am not knocking *everyone* who went to Stanford. I went there for grad school. Many of my good friends were undergrads there. I think, though, that my Stanford friends would be the first to admit that many of their classmates were attention-craving, glibly entitled douchebags who said inappropriate things under the guise of being funny.

Which leads us to Joel Stein's ill-conceived attempt at humor. At least, I hope it was an attempt at humor, because otherwise he's just a real jackass. The jackassery tag is for him.

I don't even need to go off on this one, kids. Deepa Iyer @ HufPo is not amused. Anna @ Sepia Mutiny is *really* not amused. But she is a hell of a lot funnier than Joel Stein. The awesomeness tag is for her.

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