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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A couple of interesting articles on street harassment. This one was on Racialicious last Thursday. This one I just saw today.

True story: Last Friday night, a friend and I decided to get up off the couch and go out. At one point, as we walked from one bar to another, a man came up (too close) behind us and called out, among other things, that we smelled good. He then came around the side of us, the better to let us see that he was looking us up and down. When neither of us responded, his tone soured, and he informed us that we made a nice couple.

Because, obviously, if we don't react favorably to him, we *must* be lesbians. Which is, of course, an insult - thus the sneer in the delivery?

Obviously. How else to explain our lack of interest? It can't be because the staring, the following, and the insistence that we talk to you are all invasive, and it's certainly not that your commenting on how we smell is a particularly creepy type of uninvited intimacy - no, not showing appropriate gratitude for such attention obviously means that we're gay.


At least no one got shot.

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