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Friday, February 26, 2010


I  thought The Mutterer was going to be the craziest person on the bus. No, no - that turned out the be the guy who started laughing maniacally, exclaimed several times that the sun was coming up (over the horizon, no less), then started singing (She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain), before reciting part of King's I Have a Dream speech and telling us he was "one of them" (an "integrator"). As it turns out, he has a plan for integration that will work, if he's not assassinated 1st. He can also save the country (financially) if we just put him in office. He "can show those Wall Street boys how it's done, 'cause [he's] the last honest man - the last one left!" He may, in fact, be right; which is too bad, since he's also INSANE.
I *HEART* Muni!

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