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Friday, February 26, 2010

BSG 1:1 and 1:2

Finally watching more BSG - bring on the drama!

Episode One: 33
Previously on Battlestar Galactica: Baltar really fucked up, hot guy got left behind, and #6 did freaky things from inside Baltar's head. Also? That chick is TOTALLY a toaster!

Not sure what's going on, but y'all look like shit.

Good question, chick whose name I didn't catch - why *do* the Cylons attack every 33 minutes?

"Everybody's got limits," says Baltar. So...they're hoping to wear them out rather than killing them outright?

Fighters away! You know, AdamaJunior, as soon as you say not to stray beyond the recovery zone, someone will, therefore have to do it. I'm just sayin'

Baltar continues to lose his shit. I is it that no one can tell how COMPLETELY INSANE BALTAR IS?! I mention, jokingly, that it must be the whole genius thing. R. points out that she and I probably get away with an awful lot of crazy. Since people don't know we're not geniuses. She is not wrong.

130.5 hours without sleep? Are you kidding me? They would just die, wouldn't they? I call bullshit on that. Does the jumping make them not able to sleep? Or just the threat of annihilation?

Oh, yeah - Boomer. I wonder how long it'll take her to get busted.

Ah, the shrine of missing, presumed dead.

Best exchange so far:
# - Do you want children, Gaius?
Baltar - Hm, let me think about

The President says Baltar is a strange one. Yeah, that's one way to put it. Moral black hole with some serious explaining to do would be another one.

Oh, no - scary old-school Cylons, running after Helo! Helo, from the Latin Helos, meaning HOT-ASS MAN! Sorry, got distracted for a minute  - where was I? Oh, yes - Helo is screwed. Are they hunting the remaining humans one by one, or him in particular. SO MANY QUESTIONS!

#6 tells Baltar that God has a plan. I love it that the Cylons are total zealots. The American religious right would be SO much more interesting if they were Cylons. And we could take them all out of the healthcare calculation WIN-WIN! Well, until the nuking.

NO! DECOY! The Colonial whatsis is not ok! They are totally a trap. Oh, but the fact that #6 says they're a trap makes me question that. Damn you, six, with your clever Cylon-ness!

Wow. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Cylons just tricked you into killing 1300 people, Lee. I wish they'd just give him a button that says, "HI! I'm Lee Adama - ask me about my crisis of conscience!" and be done with it.

Wait, was that #6 really trying to help? Or is the whole thing a setup? Because Boomer is *obviously* not still on that planet, Helo. So very bad. I'm going to go for setup, since that new #6 was rolling o.g. Cylon and looked completely unphased. Damn.

Episode 2: Water
Um, why do I feel like Boomer just did something really bad and doesn't remember doing it? Poor thing. It's going to SUCK when she realizes she's part of the problem.

Boomer is soaking wet and packing explosives. And thinks it's the day before. Yeah, not a good thing if you've lost a whole night. In fact, probably a very bad thing. Yep - you blew up a bunch of shit! OR set a bunch of shit to blow up. Sucks to be you. Well, not as bad as it's going to suck to be the people you screw over, but whatever.

AdamaJunior freaking out. Because post-traumatic stress is exactly what these people need right now. As much as I hate to say it, DadAdama is sort of right, in this context. I'm all about the questioning and wanting to do what's right; but I'm also, sadly, for blowing up the ship that is, to the best of your knowledge, a newly minted Cylon Special. So many moral quandaries, so little time...

So Boomer told her boyfriend everything, which is just going to make it worse. Because now he's going to help her, and she's going turn out to be a Cylon. SU-UCK!

Roslin says, "Indulge me. Because I'm the President, bi-yatch."

Oh, Boomer's Boyfriend - it is not going to help anyone to keep this a secret. I know it feels like it will, but it is a bad choice. Even without the inside knowledge, greater good and all that.

I'm sure this has been explained, but what is an EOC? Does it mean hot? Because he is. Just sayin'.

The Pres. and DadAdama finally realize they've been infiltrated, and Baltar needs to work out the detection system. Not really comfortable with the fact that the fate of humanity rests with him. But I love that Baltar went into straight-up bullshit mode in that briefing. Again, how is it that no one calls him on this?

BoomToaster is having a rough day - this show is just all moral dilemmas, all the time. Oh, and a whole lot of C4.

But is she fighting her programming? I think she is. Yes - she is! Jesus, that's going to suck even more.

But, this Caprica Boomer is 100% NOT fighting her programming. Inappropriate hugging - don't fall for it Hotlo!

BoomToast send her boyfriend to get the bomb. He, of course covers for her. *sigh*

Serious badness coming. Pain, recrimination - nothing but bad. Cannot wait.

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  1. Ah, Season One. Gotta say I love both of Boomer's boyfriends.