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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fug Madness 2013, Round 2, part 2

Anne Hathaway (3) vs. Chloe Sevigny (8) I don't have much to say about this one, so I'll just leave you with this.

Kat Graham (2) vs. Zosia Mamet (10) I can't even talk about this, but for very different reasons. I will say this: I think Fug Nation is making a big mistake. HUGE. For fug's sake, people -- SHE'S WEARING A DRUNK TOTEM POLE!

Alas, with her impending exit, my bracket will die. I'll keep playing along, but I'll know in my heart that she was robbed.

Lady Gaga (4) vs. Miley Cyrus (5) 
Even this won't be enough to stop the Gaga, but I wish it were.

Julianne Moore (1) made a good effort against Justin Beiber (8), but these pants are one of the fugliest things EVER.

Jessica Biel (3) vs. Christina Hendricks (6) 
I quote the Fug Girls, from another post: "Be bravely fugly, or battily fab. Have a little fun with it. Get us talking, not napping." I feel like Jessical Biel's fug is undeniably fug, but also utterly uninteresting. I'm voting for Our Mrs. Reynolds, by default.

Diane Kruger (7) vs. Heidi Klum (2)
Heidi: OH! Are you still here?

Diane: Well, actually, I think Joshua and I were just leaving...

Heidi: I thought so. Auf Wiedersehen!

Ke$sha (4) vs. Jessica Chastain (5)
No Contest.

Kristen Stewart (1) vs. Christa B. Allen (8)
This, however, was a contest. I'm sticking with KStew, though. This dress made me do my best impersonation of her as Bella: befuddled stare, jaw agape. KStew will pick up the mantle when Kat Graham's exit is official.

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