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Monday, November 28, 2011

Interesting question

On Facebook, MS posted the following:
Thought for the day indirectly inspired by The Future of Us: If you could send your 1996 self a message, what would you say?
Great question. Here's what immediately came to mind in response:

  • Go to sleep.
  • You look great -- start acting like it!
  • Marti is right about the afro and the nose ring.
  • Start working out. I know, I know -- but do it anyway.
  • Spend more time with Junia Mae. Yeah, she's a pill, but you'll miss her when she's gone.
  • Have you considered backup options to that career you're already leaning towards? You know, just in case.
How about you? What would you say to your 15-years-ago self?

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