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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A short quiz

Slipped and fell again today. WTF, universe?! That's twice in the rain
at BART stations -- today on faux (I presume) bricks inside Balboa
Park (ew), last time on a slippery metal grate outside of Civic Center
(TRIPLE EW!!!) and once in dry weather, on the cement outside of the
Asian Art Museum (also the Tenderloin -- weep). All 3 times, the most
significant injury has been to my pride. So here's a quiz. Which do
*you* think the universe is trying to tell me:

A. slow down
B. wash your jeans
C. be more grateful for my well-padded thighs and hips
D. look into shoes with better traction
E. get ready for something *truly* humiliating
F. at least you've got good bones
G.some other exciting message (feel free to provide in the comments)
H. none of the above
I. all of the above

1 comment:

  1. You crack me up! My answer is H.

    And for G: be thankful you aren't paying any hospital bills to fix things or have them x-rayed