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Monday, March 21, 2011

Music Monday: Adele's "Rolling in the Deep"

My friend M. sent me a link to the studio video of this a few weeks ago, but I was so buried under the end of the quarter that I'm just now getting around to checking it out. I do, as was predicted, like this a lot. Here's Miss Adele doing her thing acoustic:

No small thing to sound that good on a crappy little mic in the the open (windy) air. Work it out, Adele.


  1. She's ridiculously talented. I love that she can sound this good all by herself, without any auto tune or anything of that nature...

  2. Makes for a nice change, doesn't it? I've been listening to 21, and re-listening to 19. I still don't love all the songs on the older album (her voice is great, they're just not all songs that I like), but many of them are better than I remember. I'm loving 21, though - great stuff, I think. Maybe it's just a more mature sound? Whatever it is, it's working for me. There are fewer that I feel like I want to skip, and more that I want to reply.

    And I love it that she seems like she'd be awesome live.