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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A little kitchen experiment

Or, more accurately, a bar experiment: vodka + Brita filter + persimmons. Before the holidays, I had a lot of persimmons on the counter, and not enough time to eat them all before leaving town. So, I threw them in the freezer, thinking I'd make persimmon bread with them -- I don't know how to make persimmon bread, or whether it'll work right if the persimmons have been frozen, but I figured I'd figure it out. There will still be persimmon bread, but I decided to try a different experiment first.

Some time ago, my friend A. told me that someone told him that running not-so-awesome vodka through the Brita filter helps it become more delicious. I'd been meaning to test that out, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. More recently, I read a couple of articles about infusing alcohol with various things (one was about strawberry vodka, the other about celery bitters). I'd been thinking of doing a cucumber or celery vodka, because I think that would make for some delicious cocktails, but I got inspired when I saw the persimmon sitting in the freezer. So, here's the experiment in progress:

Vodka + Brita filter + persimmons = ???

Hypothesis: Quadruple-filtered persimmon vodka will be delicious. I'll report my findings soon!


  1. Um, this looks super tasty. I've been wanting to make infused vodka for a really long time!

  2. I have high hopes! If you try it out, let me know what you infuse, and how it goes :)

  3. How did this go?! We just made a limoncello -- vodka (we used Skyy straight from the bottle), lemon peel, and sugar. It came out way stronger than actual limoncello liqueur, but pretty tasty and a great mixer. We want to try some other stuff now, maybe something mango.

  4. It turned out pretty well! The flavor was noticeable, but slight -- next time, I'll use something stronger, or let it infuse for longer. I think this batch did well, though, especially considering that the persimmons had been frozen. The filter didn't make a noticeable difference, in my opinion (the less tasty vodka was still less tasty, and the yummier vodka wasn't significantly improved). I'll definitely infuse more -- I'm thinking the next experiments will be cucumber and rosemary vodkas.

    The homemade limoncello sounds delicious! What proportions did you use? I made caipiroskas again at my last cocktail party -- vodka, lemon, simple syrup, lots of ice.

  5. We used almost an entire 750 mL bottle of vodka, the peel of 10 lemons (not grated too finely because we don't have a grater), and a cup of sugar. It sat for 2 weeks before we tried it. You could definitely taste the lemon - I think that's why it's a good infuser. We just bought some swing top bottles for making future infusions look pretty afterwards :) I'll let you know what we decide to try next.

    And caipiroskas look delicious! I was just remembering lemon drops that I had earlier this summer...they look similar (at least according to what wikipedia is telling me).