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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday, 9/3/2010

A couple of things I picked up via Racialicious:

At Mediaite, two clips from NBC's 5th year anniversary Katrina broadcast of Meet the Press. The first clip is Brian Williams talking with Wendell Pierce (actor, The Wire and Treme), Douglas Brinkley (historian), and Garland Robinette (journalist). After showing two brief clips from 2005, Williams asks, "Why didn't it matter to someone?" and "What happened to that national conversation that we were all supposed to have about what was exposed by Katrina?" The answers, from Pierce and Brinkley respectively, are worth listening to. In the second clip, Brian Williams talks with Brad Pitt about his Make it Right Foundation and the houses they're building in the Lower 9th Ward. Also worth watching. Interesting if Pitt is right about the energy consumption (or lack thereof) in the neighborhood - I'd love to see what people will do (or refuse to do) with this model of affordable, green housing.

In other news, this headline from AlterNet: Drunken Bigot Tries to Commit Anti-Muslim Hate Crime, Gets His Ass Kicked Instead. Here's the original story in the New Haven Register. I love it that the actual url for the story includes the phrase "hookah beatdown."

I might also love Brian Williams.

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