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Monday, September 27, 2010

36 degrees

No, no - it's not that cold here. That's the difference between the high in Palo Alto (94) and the low (58). San Francisco's high is only marginally better, making its way up to (87), but its low is a little higher (61). Which means it'll be gorgeous in my neighborhood (probably about 80ish) while I'm gone today, I'll be boiling at work, and it will feel comparatively freezing (55ish) when I get home tonight. *sigh*


  1. Po bay-bee... Want to come join me in the land of 100 percent humidity?

  2. I know, I know - but I still, after all these years, just think it's weird for the temperature to change that much during one day! If only I could get the moderate temp. of the nicer parts of San Francisco (70-75, say) along with the temp. stability of somewhere else (a 10 degree range from day to night seems just about right). Where is *that* weather? That's where I want to move next.

    Unless it's going to rain all the time ;)