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Friday, April 5, 2013

Game of Thrones, season 3: Death Watch

Pajiba friend Brandon Johnson will be doing a weekly "Game of Thrones" (TV) Death Watch.
Editor’s Note: We will be running the Death Watch each Friday, courtesy of our buddy Brandon. Two things to keep in mind: 1) There WILL be spoilers of any and all past episodes. 2) Do NOT spoil any future events. At all. This is a zero tolerance policy, much like the reviews. Any comment with any spoiler gets deleted. Other than that, please enjoy our most awesome new weekly edition of “Game Of Thrones” Death Watch.
—TK, Pajiba

I like the idea, and have been having a similar conversation with my brother. Working only from the TV episodes through 3.1 (we haven't read the books), we agreed, before the start of the season, that Tywin is in imminent danger of shuffling off this mortal coil. He's competent, which makes him a threat to others; he's influential, which makes him a threat to others; his death would cause all sorts of trouble, which makes killing him a good narrative choice; and he's a Lannister, which makes him a likely target for Lannisters and non-Lannisters alike.

He's not happy about it, but he knows I'm probably right.

We also agreed that Shae is *decidedly* unsafe. As is Jorah Mormont.
Dude, you know what you did.

Speaking of being I've said to my brother, I believe that there are just too many Starks running around. In keeping with that, I think Rickon should have a higher death-ranking than Sansa.  
Sorry, kid.
Don't look so pleased. I think his ranking should be higher, but I don't think yours should be any lower.
Hers is probably just about right at a 4, but I'd bump his up to 6ish, given his lack of development, so far.

I also include the family direwolves in the Stark head count, and would put Grey Wind's odds of biting it higher than Ghost's right now -- they're both in highly perilous circumstances, but I feel like Ghost is not yet done saving Jon Snow's ass.
I know, Robb. Take it as a compliment, though. Despite the fact that you're at war, I honestly think your direwolf  is less necessary for your survival than your brother's is for his.
Don't look so hurt, Jon. You know I'm right.
I'd put Ghost at a 2, Grey Wind at a 4 or 5. But, given how poorly I'm doing at predicting Fug Madness, that probably means they're both more like an 8.

I also link Samwell Tarly's ranking to Jon Snow's, which puts him at the relatively safe end of the impending death spectrum, for the moment.
Having somehow escaped death in the season cliffhanger, I don't think he'll get offed until Snow is there to witness/be traumatized by/be either powerless to prevent or somehow responsible for his death, because that's how much Snow's life sucks.
I think Ygritte is safe, for now, and for similar reasons: she's also not going to get killed before she can help complicate Jon's life a bit more.
Don't look so worried, Snow. I'm sure the Night's Watch will understand. I mean, it's not like you...
Ok, um...but she would never--
Yeah, OK. But you already knew you were screwed, right?
Tyrion sees what I did there.
Robb's lady, on the other hand, is a goner. I don't know that she's likely to go in the next few episodes, but she's *definitely* on my most-likely-to-go list, so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
There, too.

What do you think -- who's most likely to get axed? Or stabbed, or defenestrated, or poisoned, or set on fire, or...

And remember -- no spoilers from the books (or the interwebs)!

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