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Friday, February 10, 2012

A long time ago, on a castle far, far away

Finally treated myself to Clan Building, volume 2 -- the collection that spans the second half of the all-too-short-lived Gargoyles comic, including the unreleased material. It was fun to have just a few more "episodes" of one of my favorite things. Lots of familiar faces, and some *serious* drama. Also? This is the cover.

So good.


  1. No Elisa -- no Goliath or Xanatos either. It makes a lot of sense for this part of the arc. Brookyln gets the hero spot for a minute, and reminds us that, even with the abuses and insults he's suffered, he's never been as whiny as that Skywalker kid :) I also love the wrongness of Demona in that pose, juxtaposed with the fact that she's holding a mace. A world of no, but also yes!

  2. I look at this cover and see Star Wars... :op