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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"I can't imagine why we've all got time enough to cry"

R.S. linked to this really interesting series on time over at NPR. Food for thought -- take a taste and tell me what you think!

Your time — almost entirely divorced from natural cycles — is a new time. Your time, delivered through digital devices that move to nanosecond cadences, has never existed before in human history. As we rush through our overheated days we can barely recognize this new time for what it really is: an invention.

It's an invention that's killing us.
The Tyranny Of Modern Time, Part 1

The recognition of limits stands as the global culture's strongest imperative to move beyond its current time-logic. 
But on the level of the individual, the imperative to change emanates from a different source. As individuals, the desire to build a new time springs from our deeply felt need to reclaim value and balance in our lives.
The Tyranny Of Modern Time, Part 2

As someone who struggles with the persistent feeling that there's not enough time for everything, but also with a fair amount of doubt as to the value of many of the things I feel like I need time for, I'm inclined to agree with much of this. Interesting to see it tied so directly to issues of overconsumption -- I hadn't really thought of it that way, but can't really disagree with the claim as stated. I'm interested to see what he thinks can actually be done to change things...

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