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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My ComicCon Presentation

Some of you asked to see the presentation I made at the Comic Arts Conference at ComicCon. Click through to see the slides, notes attached.

The intro given before we all started:

The genesis of the roundtable lies in our participants’ mutual interests in the way that image and language work in parallel to either reify stereotypes or problematize cultural assumptions. The panel today will consider  a variety of forms of “Otherness” including gender, race, and sexuality, as well as metaphors of Otherness, including the animal, the monstrous, and the heroic. The genres under consideration include comic books, television, and video games.
The presentations have been composed using the Ignite presentation format. This means that each presenter has to make her point using only 20 slides, auto-advancing at 15 seconds each, for a total of 5 minutes. The purpose of an Ignite presentation is not to present a fully-formed argument. Rather our goal today is to draw attention to issues and to spark ideas.
(I actually tweaked the format a teensy bit, varying the length of my slides.)

So, here's what I presented to get people thinking:

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